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Christmas buffet at Le Cardinal, 5 Star Hotel at Mauritius

Christmas buffet at Le Cardinal Exclusive Resort

Christmas Buffets under the stars viewing the sea at our 5* Hotel
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6 Signs That It's Time to Replace Your Clutch

6 Types of Car Lubricants and Where You Need to Use Them

A vehicle has hundreds of moving parts, which makes lubricants crucial. They minimise friction between components, resulting in smoother operations and a longer lifespan. Of course, you need to make sure you’re using the correct lubricant or you migh...
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4 Tips for Grocery Managers Looking to Flush Old Stock

4 Tips for Grocery Managers Looking to Flush Old Stock

Inventory management is one of the responsibilities of a grocery manager. They make sure the products are moving, changing, and being sold to ensure the grocery remains profitable. So when the stockroom runs out of shelf space because of unsold items...
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Supermarkets, Promos Mauritius

Information about Supermarkets in Mauritius. Opening times and current offers.

80% Scholarship German Uni

Study in Germany in English



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Study in Switzerland at BHMS with high paid internship

Study in Switzerland

Study in Switzerland at BHMS with high paid internship. International Busin...
Learn French or English at Mauritius during your holiday

Language travel

Learn German, French, English at Mauritius. During your holidays.
Welcome to IU International University of Applied Sciences

IU International University

IU International University of Applied Sciences.
Learn German, French, English at Mauritius

Language Course

Learn German, French, English at Mauritius. For your Job, Study or work abr...

101 Diet Tips

List of Doctors

List of Doctors at Mauritius

Study in German

Study in Germany

Study in German. No Tuition fee.

Career in Hospitality & Global Business

Study at Switzerland Global Business, Hospitality, Culinary arts

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Business Opportunities

Business for sale, Investment opportunities.

New Mauritian Websites:

Mauritius Business Directory

LOLO Supermarket : High quality products at low prices,

Lolo Supermarket

LOLO Supermarket high quality products at low prices, alongside with spacio...
Universal Radiateurs Ltd

Universal Radiators Ltd

Radiators Services Available for Cars, Vans, Trucks & Lorries, Bus, Catepil...
Iraaya Center

Iraaya Beauty and Wellness

Beauty and Wellness therapyBeauty and Wellness therapy. Training institut...
Wear to go, uniforms for Mauritius

Wear to go

Our business are school uniforms and company uniforms.
Jean Mallet meal forging

Jean Mallet

We do metal forging, repairs of machinery, welding works.
Planet Aluminiumcraft Co. Ltd

Planet Aluminiumcraft Co.Ltd

High quality aluminum openings at a competitive price.