Learn French at Mauritius

There are more than 200 000 people from EU who travel abroad to learn a other language. 

French is one of the language this people can learn best at Mauritius. Mauritian speaks native French and English

The ILCM, an Language Consultant organize intensive French tuition. 

The Website in German is language-school-mauritius.com

Book your French intensive course during you holiday at Mauritius now.

French is one of the most important languages ​​in the world. Speaking French opens up new possibilities.


Whether you want to make new contacts on vacation or be protected from surprises in the restaurant, a beginner communication course is a good investment. Invest a few hours a week in your vacation in an individual language course.


Would you like to improve your French language level?


One-to-one tuition is best for this. Two people with a similar language level are OK too. In the first discussion with you, the teacher will work out the teaching program with you. Then you agree the time frame together and then nothing stands in the way of your success.


A new professional task is waiting for you and you need to significantly improve your French skills quickly?


Then the one-to-one crash course is the option for you. We work out your needs together and create the most suitable curriculum for you.