Photo Editor

Gridbox Photo Editior

The Photo Editor is well suited for subsequent optimization of images within the website. With its help you can edit the image size and the size of the file and thus optimize it.

The better solution is always to do this work on the images for the website before uploading them.
A good image width is 1200 pixels for a landscape image and a maximum image height of 800 pixels for a portrait image.

The image resolution should also be reduced. As a result, the image file should not be much larger than 200 KB. Smaller is always better for website loading times

The photo editor is called up by editing an article in the grid box. Click on the "Tools" button and then click on the photo editor

Joomla Gridbox Photo Editor

In the photo editor you can now adjust the image size, the % size.
The changes are saved by clicking on "Apply".

Joomla Gridbox Photo Editor