Car Air Freshener for Reseller

For resellers:

Available again soon. Reserve your sales box today. There are 25 Car air fresheners in each sales box. Each box contains Air Fresheners in different designs and fragrances.

Wholesale price for one car air freshener: 59Rs.
Price per box of 25 units: 1495Rs

Hanging Air Freshener, Air Freshener Paper Thickness: 1.8mm, Size: 7 X 10cm,
3 Years Shelf Life
Made With ECO Cotton Paper Material, Odor & Fragrances

Cherry, Lemon, Ocean, Green Tea, Vanilla, Rose, , Mint, Lavender, Apple, Strawberry, Lily, Pine, Jasmine, Coffee, New Car, Orange, Melon And Fruit Scent, Coconut,

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Car Air Freshener, Box contain 25 items, mixed.
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