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Dream Construction Company Limited was incorporated on the 20th of February, 2003, and its main activities, as its name would suggest, are in the construction business. Experience, acquired through years of good practice in various types of construction, from the simple household type to sophisticated bungalows and building and apartments throughout the country, has helped to give the company a very good reputation and goodwill in the business.

And not the least, the Managing Director, who is the key character behind the success of the company, has started from scratch helping his father, a building contractor himself.

Through years of practice, and dotted with an artistical approach, he proved himself to be a cement magician which led him, later to diversify his activities in creating a sister company, Potiers Des Iles, specialized in the manufacturing of cement pots, cascades and waterfalls and various other artistical objects of decoration, only using cement, but armed with iron to ensure solidity.


Dream Construction has never backed up from constructive criticisms from clients and their technical advisers, but instead, has learnt and subsequently has entertained a good relationship with all clients, a positive element for a strong goodwill.

His approach is such as to bring the clients, once the contract has been signed, to feel that they have now formed part of a big family, worth of trust. Efficiency, obviously, is also a key element, and in this respect, #Dreamconstruction has always been up to the standard, with the result that the company, in the opinion of many, and not the least, is being considered a head above the average in the construction business.

21, Emma`s St. Morc, Montreal 2

Office: +230-2332553 / 2954
FAX: +230-2332556


Clarel Lacour
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Guitary Lacour
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