Directory of all pharmacies at Mauritius in Mauritius.

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List of Pharmacies at Mauritius


PHARMACY De BAMBOUSRoyal RoadBambous4521296  
ARTHEMIDOR PHARMACY4, Trotter St,Beau-Bassin4547523  
BIOPHARM PHARMACY76, Royal RoadBeau-Bassin4541550  
IMPERIALE PHARMACY170, Royal RoadBeau-Bassin4541888  
MEDICHEM PHARMACY105 B, Royal RoadBeau-Bassin4541437  
MT ROCHE BRUNES PHARMACYRaoul Rivet StreetsBeau-Bassin4660020  
NUPHARM PHARMACY5 eme MilleBeau-Bassin4657813  
PHARM ACCESS1 Raoul Lebrun, Royal RoadBeau-Bassin4678538  
PHARMA SPA PHARMACY Winsor ComplexBeau-BassinBeau-Bassin4653848  
PHARMACIE De BEAU-BASSINRoyal RoadBeau-Bassin4652906  
PHARMACY JAULIMSINGH3,Trotter Street,Beau-Bassin4541803  
PHARMACY LABOURDONNAIS5, Rennards StreetBeau-Bassin2087649  
POPE HENESSY PHARMACY94, Pope Henessy StreetBeau-Bassin4666069  
OLLIER PHARMACYOllier AveBelle Rose4640906  
CANDOS PHARMACYVacoas RoadCandos4270280  
CAPUCINE PHARMACYCandos Commercial CentreCandos4253880  
CAREPLUS PHARMACY(Opposite Candos Hospital)Candos4272269  
CASTEL PHARMACYCnr. Camp Fouquereaux Branch Road & Royal Road, CastelCastel6968939  
Flacq Drug HouseMain RoadCentral Flacq4132520  
SEWPAUL PHARMACY Central Flacq4132753  
VIKASH PHARMACYAl-Falaq BuildingCentral Flacq7813864  
CHATHAROO PHARMACYRoyal RoadChemin Grenier6226236  
CHEMIN GRENIER PHARMACYRoyal RoadChemin Grenier6228682  
COROMANDEL PHARMACY59, Royal RoadCoromandel2338355  
PORT-MATHURIN PHARMACY  c/o Head Office212, Morc MontrealCoromandel8312279  
BENOIT PHARMACYImpasse Pot de Terre,Curepipe6750084  
CUREPIPE DRUG HOUSEChateau Neuf Street,Curepipe6761515  
EPINAY (d') PHARMACYRoyal RoadCurepipe6749234  
ESPAGNAC (d') PHARMACYRoyal RoadCurepipe6763138  
GERVAL PHARMACYRoyal RoadCurepipe6763572
JHUGROO PHARMACY c/r Jerningham &Thomy D'Arifat StreetsCurepipe6746995  
L'APOTHICAIRE PHARMACY221, Galerie Ian PalachCurepipe6740717  
The Mauritius Pharmacy Seegobin LtdChateauneuf streetCurepipe6763205  
NOEL PHARMACYPiton BuildingCurepipe6752685  
PHARMACY BENOITNafyros BuildingCurepipe6750084  
PHARMACY PATHERJerningham St,Curepipe6750094  
ROBINSON PHARMACYLigne BerthaudCurepipe6750094  
Pharmacie De Salaffa31, Arcades SalaffaCurepipe6761714  
SEETULSINGH PHARMACYChasteauneuf St,Curepipe6750094  
SIMONET PHARMACYRoyal RoadCurepipe6763532  
TULSIDAS PHARMACY19, Arcades SalaffaCurepipe6761714  
ULTRAPHARM PHARMACY65, Royal RoadCurepipe Road6700734  
EAU COULEE PHARMACY17, Royal RoadEau Coulee 6869385  
HARRIS PHARMACYRoyal RoadFlacq4139983  
ROSHNI PHARMACYRoyal RoadFlacq4132069  
FLIC EN FLAC PHARMACYComplex Menuphar Block C   Shop No. 6Flic-en-Flac6700734  
CLINIQUE DU DR DARNEG. Guibert St,Floreal6012300  
MATADEEN PHARMACYRoyal RoadFloreal6962636  
SHAHBEEN PHARMACYRoyal RoadFloreal6868662  
SHAHROSS PHARMACYGustave Collin StreetForest Side6741940  
BURAHEE PHARMACYDr Hurry BuildingGoodlands2837509  
GOODLANDS PHARMACYRoyal RoadGoodlands2839522  
KADRESS PHARMACYRoyal RoadGoodlands2839522  
SANTEPLUS PHARMACYState Bank Reality BuildingGoodlands2839522  
SUNRISE PHARMACYCnr Plateau & Royal RoadGoodlands2839291  
EBRAHIM PHARMACYMain RoadGrand Bay2638564  
GRAND BAY PHARMACYRoyal RoadGrand Bay2638403  
LO PHARMACYRoyal RoadGrand Bay2637068  
ROSE BEAUTY & HEALTHSuper UGrand Bay2690289  
ROSE PHARMACYLes Mirabelles Bld La Salette RoadGrand Bay2636264  
SEEBUN PHARMACYLallmatieLallmatie4181040  
AL-SHAFA PHARMACYSuffren RoadMahebourg6319792  
BLUE-BAY PHARMACYLabourdonnais StreetMahebourg6315146  
ESNY (d') PHARMACYLes Mariannes StreetMahebourg6317190  
MAHEBOURG (de) PHARMACYRoyal RoadMahebourg6319621  
R.A.R. PHARMACYRoyal RoadMahebourg6318483  
WELLCARE PHARMACYRoyal RoadMahebourg6317748  
MESNIL PHARMACYParisot RoadMesnil6970202  
RAAZA PHARMACYRoyal Road,Mesnil6989580  
MOKA PHARMACYRue LeclezioMoka4331267  
IDAMED PHARMACYRoyal RoadMont Ida4168843  
MONTAGNE BLANCHE PHARMACYRoyal RoadMontagne Blanche4375156  
DOORGA PHARMACYRoyal RoadNew Grove6277766  
PAMPLEMOUSSES PHARMACYRoyal RoadPamplemousses2438895  
PEREYBERE PHARMACYRoyal RoadPereybere2635788  
PETITE RIVIERE PHARMACYRoyal RoadPetite Riviere2331992  
BEEHARRY PHARMACYPhoenixPhoenix6863051  
GALIEN PHARMACYPhoenix Commercial CentrePhoenix6863051  
PHOENIX (de) PHARMACYRoyal RoadPhoenix6964670  
DODO & CO LTD PHARMACYSeegobin Bld Rishi Dayanand RoadPlaine Magnien6374515  
DOORGAKANT PHARMACY Plaine Magnien 6373196  
A.E. PATEL & CO PHARMACY38, S.S.R. StreetPort Louis2100128  
ALLOMED PHARMACYRte des PamplemoussesPort Louis2425030  
AN-NOOR PHARMACYCnr E. Anquetil Street & Sir Virgil NazPort Louis2170412  
ATCHIA PHARMACYS.S. Ramgoolam StPort Louis2402564  
BELL VILLAGE PHARMACY11, Brabant Street,Port Louis2121946  
CENTRE (du) PHARMACY30, S.S. Ramgoolam St,Port Louis2082235  
CITY PHARMACY12, Queen StreetPort Louis2121426  
DAUHOO PHARMACY66, Sir Virgil Naz StreetPort Louis2402157  
DESFORGES PHARMACY72, S.S. Ramgoolam St,Port Louis2401151  
DILMAR PHARMACY21 A, Mere Barthelemy StPort Louis2103607  
KENTISH PHARMACY64, Etienne Pellereau StPort Louis2428205  
LA PAIX PHARMACY54, La Paix StreetPort Louis2402207  
LAI FAT PHARMACY20, E. Anquetil StreetPort Louis2420540  
LE POINT PHARMACY23, Menagerie RoadPort Louis2100127  
LIFE PHARMACY36, Sir W. Newton StreetPort Louis2082009  
LINK PHARMACY5, Royal RoadPort Louis2128959
L'OUEST (De) PHARMACIE31, Soulliac StreetPort Louis2116312  
MEDICAL TRADING PHARMACYChaussee StreetPort Louis2102655  
MEDICOURT PHARMACYLabourdonnais Court Bld St Georges StreetPort Louis2112365  
NAZROO PHARMACYCnr 62, S.S. Ramgoolam & La paix StreetPort Louis2402295  
NEWTON PHARMACYCnr W. Newton & Queen StreetPort Louis2082244
PEEROO PHARMACYS.S.R. StreetPort Louis2401714  
PHARMACARE PHARMACY20, Souillac StreetPort Louis4192627  

Pharmalink Pharmacy

CaudanPort Louis211
PLAINE VERTE (De la) PHARMACIE56, Edgar Laurent Street,Port Louis2401762  
PLANET PHARMACY13 Chaussee StreetPort Louis2110235  
PORT (du) PHARMACYImmigration SquarePort Louis2081037  
PORT-LOUIS (DE) PHARMACYGare du NordPort Louis2411649  
QUAI (du) PHARMACYImmigration SquarePort Louis2124602  
QUEEN STREET PHARMACYQueen Street,Port Louis2121426  
RAMDANEE PHARMACYCnr Lord Kitchener &  Jemmapes StreetPort Louis2123075  
RENAISSANCE PHARMACY68, S.S. Ramgoolam St,Port Louis2403358  
THERAPHARM PHARMACY14, Dr Sun Yat Sen St,Port Louis2421620  
UNIPHARM PHARMACY25, Bourbon StreetPort Louis2124602  
BALLOO PHARMACY Quartier Militaire4355487  
C. Y HENRY PHARMACYLa LouiseQuatre Bornes4245466  
GLAIEUIL PHARMACYSt-Jean RoadQuatre Bornes4642953  
HEALTHPLUS PHARMACYCnr Draper & Belle Rose AvenueQuatre Bornes4676641  
IDEALE PHARMACYSt-Jean St,Quatre Bornes4545445  
K & I PHARMACYPalma Road La LouiseQuatre Bornes4248168  
LA LOUISE PHARMACYSt Jean RoadQuatre Bornes4250326  
MAYFIELD PHARMACYG.G. House Vacoas Road, La LouiseQuatre Bornes4256951  
MEDICAL TRADING TRIANON PHARMACYTrianon Shopping Park,Quatre Bornes4546901  
ORCHIDEES PHARMACY77, St-Jean RoadQuatre Bornes4641804  
PALMA PHARMACY185, Palma RoadQuatre Bornes4273041  
PHARMAK PHARMACYPalma Road, La LouiseQuatre Bornes4242788  
PHARMAPLUS PHARMACYRte St-JeanQuatre Bornes4545429  
PROCARE PHARMACY2A, Avenue des CapucinesQuatre Bornes4659168  
QUATRE-BORNES (de) PHARMACIESaint-Jean RoadQuatre Bornes4646115  
ST-JEAN PHARMACYSt-Jean RoadQuatre Bornes4646115
TROPICALE PHARMACYRoyal Road La LouiseQuatre Bornes4277970.  
Unilink PharmacyJumbo shopping complexRiche
CARELINE PHARMACYRoyal RoadRiviere des Anguilles6263700  
TOORABALLY PHARMACYRoyal RoadRiviere des Anguilles6265266  
BARODA PHARMACYBaroda LaneRiviere du Rempart4127254  
RAMBURN PHARMACYSchoenfeld RoadRiviere du Rempart4125071  
REMPART PHARMACYBeebeejaun ComplexRiviere du Rempart4121314  
BEL AIR PHARMACYRoyal RoadRiviere Seche9203558  
INDERGEET PHARMACYRoyal RoadRiviere Seche4193277  
ARGIS & CO. PHARMACYRoyal RoadRose Belle6274823  
BARAMIA PHARMACYRoyal RoadRose Belle6273715  
MERIDIONAL PHARMACYRoyal RoadRose Belle6274022  
SUD (du) PHARMACYRoyal RoadRose Belle6274661  
AH SEN PHARMACYAtrium BuildingRose Hill4658746  
ANTELME (d') PHARMACYAntelme St,Rose Hill4544013  
BUCKINGHAM PHARMACYRatsitatane St,Rose Hill4646844  
DESCELLES PHARMACYEdward VII St,Rose Hill2833334  
EDWARD VII PHARMACYArcade Sholay, 21, Maurice Cure StRose Hill4643967  
HEALTH CARE PHARMACY72, Hugnin RoadRose Hill4541684  
MODERNE PHARMACYCommercial CentreRose Hill4541925  
NEW-STANLEY PHARMACYRoute Hugnin StanleyRose Hill4641491  
NOTRE DAME DES VICTOIRES PHARMACYDr Maurice Cure St,Rose Hill4548042  
PHARMEXPRESS PHARMACY1, Dr Roux StreetRose Hill4655422  
ROSE-HILL PHARMACYRoyal RoadRose Hill4543686  
STANDARD PHARMACYMagic Lantern BuildingRose Hill4644920  
H.K.M. PHARMACYL'AgrementSt Pierre4331292  
PHARMACHIC PHARMACYRoyal RoadSt Pierre4334593  
SAINT-PIERRE PHARMACYRoyal RoadSt Pierre4334234  
ABERCROMBIE PHARMACY112, Rte des PamplemoussesSte-Croix2419259  
BURTALLY PHARMACY LTD99, Rte des PamplemoussesSte-Croix2419259  
KAUROO PHARMACYRoyal RoadSurinam6255905  
TAMARIN PHARMACYRoyal Road Shop 19   Cap DalTamarin4835247  
LE HOCHET PHARMACYRoyal Road Le HochetTerre Rouge2491716  
TERRE ROUGE PHARMACYRoyal RoadTerre Rouge2480115  
SCORE PHARMACYCoastal RoadTombeau Bay2475275  
SUN PHARMACYMoonlight Building 9th MileTriolet2613465  
TRIOLET PHARMACYRoyal RoadTriolet2616720  
UNICARE PHARMACYRoyal RoadTriolet2611053  
UNUTH PHARMACYRoyal RoadTriolet2616746  
ALPHA-2 PHARMACY6, Arcade Vavid, Route du ClubVacoas6973439  
BAPPOO & Cie PHARMACY3, Avenue John KennedyVacoas6964432  
CENTRAL PHARMACYSt-Paul RoadVacoas6964424  
DHUNNY PHARMACYJohn Kennedy RoadVacoas6862258  
J & A PHARMACYModern House, Modern SquareVacoas6963755  
LUXMI PHARMACYSeelarbokus Building, St Paul RoadVacoas6981433  
MORABY PHARMACYC5, John Kennedy RoadVacoas6861157  
NEW VACOAS PHARMACYReunion RoadVacoas6964461  
ROYAL PHARMACYLa Croisee, Glen ParkVacoas6980606  
S. BAPPOO PHARMACY3, Kennedy AvenueVacoas6964432  
SOMEDICO PHARMACYLa CaverneVacoas6977114  
VISITATION PHARMACYLa CaverneVacoas6861371