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Founded on 6th February 1968 by Ahmad Sulliman as a lending library, it offered reading materials at an accessible rate to subscribers. At that time, its stock consisted mainly of comic strips and picture stories, called Roman-photos. The library was then known as Librairie Au Printemps, situated at 34, Club Road Vacoas. Just few years after it started assuming a new dimension with the addition of various types of books imported directly from France , including textbooks. From a lending library, it had grown into a bookshop / distributor & wholesaler.

In 1980, activities for the sales of books were transferred to a new place in the centre of Vacoas and Librairie Le Faisan was founded as retailer shop for Le Printemps. It became so successful that few years later when the space became insufficient to accommodate the increasing variety of books, the bookshop was finally shifted to its own building on 29 July 1989. Éditions Le Printemps Ltd was thus created to comprise a publishing department as well. It was inaugurated by Sir Aneerood Jugnauth, the Prime Minister of that time, with a vast self-service showroom of about 10 000 sq ft.

Also, ELP was one of the first dealers to be fully computerised and to use the barcode system, which was not common at that time.

From the originally small lending library, it has today emerged as a full-fledged publishing house, promoting and publishing school textbooks by Mauritian and foreign writers and other literary and creative works as well.

On top of being a publishing house, ELP also imports, distributes and sells books from major publishers in the UK , France , India , Singapore , amongst others. It specialises in textbooks and school materials. It imports a wide range of magazines from India and offers subscriptions to international magazines at highly subsidised rates to students.

ELP exports its publications, especially school textbooks, to the African continent. Moreover, it is an agent for publishers and subscribers such as Newsweek and The Economist. It is also a representative and distributor to all bookshops in the island.

The bookshop offers services such as photocopy, lamination and binding. It also includes a wide range of office stationery.

ELP has now grown into a group of companies, the main site of which is situated at 4, Club Road , Vacoas. They are:

Editions Le Printemps (Vacoas & Port-Louis)
AIS Marketing
AIS Properties Ltd
Le Printemps Curepipe Bookshop

Business activities:

Retailer : Offers the largest variety of books within a space of over 10,000 sq ft. in our showroom at Vacoas
Importer : Importer from France, UK, Singapore, India, and other countries
Publisher  : We have already published more than 300 titles and we have an average of 3 books published per month
Agent  : Agent for Nelson Thornes UK, Hodder Murray Group UK, MarshallCavendish (Singapore) 
Stockist  : Stockist for CUP, Pearson, Oxford, McGraw Hill, HC
Agent & Stockist : Hachette & Interforum (France)
Distributor  : Distributor of books to all bookshops in Mauritius
Exporter  : Exports books to the African continent, Asia, the Caribbean,  among  others


Has a very important role in the improvement of education, where it collaborates closely with the Ministry of Education
Organises International Book Fairs in Mauritius with the participation of foreign publishers and the collaboration of various Ministries and Municipalities
Excels in customer service, where its priority is customer satisfaction
Practises low pricing policy
Holds an international standard
Participates in Book Fairs for the promotion of books around the world
Encourages reading culture
Promotes local authors
Has developed a serious and professional publishing house
Offers job opportunities and currently employs over 70 staff

4, Club Road Vacoas. Mauritius
Tel: 696 1017; Fax: 686 7302

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