Isla Mauricia

My name is Dietmar Reigber and I am the founder of IM Travel Services Ltd, which trades under the business name ‘Isla-Mauricia’ which also stands for the island of Mauritius. It all began in 2000 when I created a basic homepage and registered the domain ‘’ to create a general enquiry website for Mauritius. Later, I began to offer vacation rentals and regularly improved the website design while studying multimedia production in Hamburg.

Over the following years, while on holiday in Mauritius, I collaborated with local agencies and advertised some of their offers; the most impressive of which was when I put my friend’s beach villa online, and shortly after it went online it was fully booked.

I ran the website as a side project alongside many other projects I was managing. After a while I came to the conclusion that this was the website I wanted to turn into a fully-fledged business and I wanted to work on it full-time to realise this dream. I moved to Mauritius in 2007 so I could be on-site to meet owners and property managers, and establish collaborations. I gathered a team with an international outlook who could manage the bookings and the way we present our offers.

Mid 2008 we started IM Travel Services Ltd and began to gain our first experiences of the tourism industry by directly advising accommodation for our clients as well as processing entire reservations.
As a webpreneur it was a big challenge to be involved in this highly service-oriented sector. We tried advertising different accommodation sectors from cheap to expensive, from small bungalows to big luxury 5 Star hotels. Each sector has its specificities and complexities when it comes to putting it online as a bookable product. We also had to manage the communication between clients, partners and colleagues. We spent 5 years gaining knowledge and experience in the Mauritian tourism sector, and learning difficult lessons - just like a Masters degree. In 2012 we decided to choose the sector we loved the most, understood the best and could passionately discuss with clients, and we advertise this sector in a way that makes the offer stand out for guests who are looking for something special and unique.
We chose to specialise in the sector of luxury apartments and luxury villas – the offers we advertise allows guests to spend a unique holiday in Mauritius. We offer competitive prices, amazing locations close to the sea, white sandy beaches, turquoise-blue lagoons and very high-standard properties. There are also services which come included, where our guests can decide whether to eat out or have a chef prepare them a meal according to their wishes!

Our multi-lingual team is located in the north of Mauritius where our office is based. We visit all properties before advertising them. We know the property managers, the owners and we also have a profound knowledge of the areas which surround the accommodation we are advertising. This knowledge stems from living on the island for several years. The advantage of booking with us is that you will get offers for locations which really match the expectations of a beautiful holiday spot on a tropical island – even better than the photos. Here, you will experience the real joy of visiting Mauritius.

Depending on what you want to do in Mauritius and the type of setting you are looking for; be it a beach front apartment with a stunning sea view or a beach villa with its own pool & chef, the budget you want to spend, your preferred location, and the activities such as golf and kite surfing you would like to participate in, there are a series of criteria upon which we can advise and help choose the best accommodations to bring your Mauritian dream to life.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

On behalf of my team, welcome to Mauritius.

Yours sincerely,
Dietmar Reigber

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