Bo Valon Mall, Mahebourg

Bo’Valon Mall, is located in Grand Port and situated in the south east of the Island, a stone’s throw away from the airport. It is located in the intersection of Blue Bay and Mahebourg arterial roads which boasts great accessibility to the mall from both directions.

Forming part of the mall offering is a King Savers supermarket of 4,000m2 a specious food court as well as 46 other shops such as Espace Maison, fashion outlets, health and beauty stores, and sports outlets, bringing a diversified retail offer. 

Grand Port is a place rich in history, it was one of the main harbors in the 19 hundreds, it remains a key local fishing port with fresh fish available daily at the fish markets. With this in mind the architects integrated this historic and fishing port feel into the design of the mall. The historic contemporary approach will add to the shopping experience all the while catering for the needs of the inhabitants of Grand Port as well as the tourists visiting the area. The architecture has been designed to allow natural ventilation and avoid the use of air conditioning in common areas. Skylights will be incorporated into the building's architecture to benefit from natural light. The surrounding Flora and Fauna have been well preserved as the natural beauty of the area is a great asset to the development.

Mondays to Saturday:     9:30 - 20:00

Sundays | Public Holidays:     9:30 - 14:00