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provides quality on-line marketing management, along with a full range of high quality branded gazebos, flags, banners, vehicle wrapping, shop window stickers, in-store branding, event branding, expo branding, brochures, leaflets, stickers, umbrellas, USB keys, caps, stationery, bags, drinking bottles, clothing and uniforms PLUS 1000s of other corporate branded and printed items. With our products and services, you can easily and effectively place your message where it counts.

We never compromise on quality and remain committed to customer service and quick turn-around times from order to delivery.

In today’s competitive landscape, Promotional Products offer an excellent choice to advertisers who are faced with a multitude of contemporary and traditional marketing strategies, some of which have become incredibly expensive.

Promotional Products allow your customers to interact with your brand and research* has shown that Promotional Products are ranked as the most highly regarded form of advertising. 86% of Promotional Product recipients recall the advertiser, 83% are more likely to do business with the brand, 81% keep the Promotional Product for more than a year and over 53% use the Promotional Product at least once a week.
It’s simple – Promotional Products Work.

What are Promotional Products?
Promotional Products cover a diverse range of items that are predominantly categorised into Apparel, Gifts and Headwear.
By branding these physical items with a unique logo or message an advertiser creates a powerful marketing tool that is engaging for the consumer on many levels. This form of advertising creates a memorable customer experience and delivers a high rate of brand awareness and recall among consumers.

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