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Carpet World - Ceramic World - Electro World - #TFP Contracting - TFP Finance - TFPI Factory. TFP has its root back to 1951 where the late Mr. Ismael Maharaullee established his furniture business in Port-Louis. Within years, Mr. Ismael opened two additional showrooms, in Port Louis and Rose Hill. In June 2007, an official ceremony was carried out for his contribution for the welfare of his region and achievements.

Free Delivery
TFP offers a free delivery service for all the products inclusive of Ceramic Tiles throughout Mauritius. TFP possesses a fleet consisting of 14 vehicles with skilled personnel to ensure that the goods purchased by our customers are delivered in perfect condition.

After Sale Service
TFP provides a one year warranty inclusive of parts and labor for most of its products. Most of the repairs are carried out at our specialized factory with the help of qualified personnel.

Customer Satisfaction
TFP motto is to provide complete customer satisfaction for all the products purchased at any of our branch. Any defects and problems reported within 3 days of delivery will be either repaired or replaced.

Financing Facilities

TFP provides up to 12 months interest free or 30 months of credit facilities to its customers through CIM Finance Ltd. All the credit formalities are completed in our outlets without any hassle on the phone instantly.

For queries or other requests for information in connection with TFP Products or activities, please contact the relevant section at the following address:

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TFP Furniture Village

Royal Road
Republic of Mauritius

(230) 686 84 38
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TFP - Eau Coulée
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