Procivil Works Company Ltd

Procivil Works Company Ltd

A message to Professionals. Engineering Consultants, Contractors. Engineers and Plumbing Procivil Works Company Ltd was started by an independent group of individuals with almost more than 50 years of combined experience in the water engineering and Plumbing field, enabling us to understand the value of experience and relationships.

Since our launch in the early nineties, we have listened to the suggestions of our customers and evolved from a small minor works contractor and simple supplier to providing the major water engineering Piping components to the Central Water Authority of Mauritius and the Private Sector. At Procivil Works Company Ltd we know the value of water as the lifeblood of our modern civilization and the importance of the piping systems acting as arteries and veins of our society to convey such an essential commodity as water to our life.

Procivil Works Company Ltd offers a most impressive customer service in the plumbing and pipe fitting field.

We provide Quality Products at Honest Prices
They are Internationally Recognized
They have been Proven to give Ultimate Satisfaction in their respective fields.

Strengthened with water engineering Know-how and a wide variety of essential products for delivery, Procivil Works Company Ltd is your one-stop choice.

Is the following important to you?

Valuable Technical Items
Quick Delivery
Certified Products
Low Price
Intelligent and Reliable Customer Care Service


We manufacture a complete system of FlowGuard CPVC hot and cold potable water distribution system according to DIN 8079,8080 German standards. Our range of production encompasses pipes and fittings of diameter from 16mm to 160 mm full range.


Prince of Wales Road,
Rose-Hill , Mauritius

Tel: (230) 467 3032 / 33
Fax: (230) 467 2732

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