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Pharmacies at Mauritius

Name Street City Telefon E-Mail Website
PHARMACY De BAMBOUS Royal Road Bambous 4521296    
ARTHEMIDOR PHARMACY 4, Trotter St, Beau-Bassin 4547523    
BIOPHARM PHARMACY 76, Royal Road Beau-Bassin 4541550    
IMPERIALE PHARMACY 170, Royal Road Beau-Bassin 4541888    
MEDICHEM PHARMACY 105 B, Royal Road Beau-Bassin 4541437    
MT ROCHE BRUNES PHARMACY Raoul Rivet Streets Beau-Bassin 4660020    
NUPHARM PHARMACY 5 eme Mille Beau-Bassin 4657813    
PHARM ACCESS 1 Raoul Lebrun, Royal Road Beau-Bassin 4678538    
PHARMA SPA PHARMACY Winsor Complex Beau-Bassin Beau-Bassin 4653848    
PHARMACIE De BEAU-BASSIN Royal Road Beau-Bassin 4652906    
PHARMACY JAULIMSINGH 3,Trotter Street, Beau-Bassin 4541803    
PHARMACY LABOURDONNAIS 5, Rennards Street Beau-Bassin 2087649    
POPE HENESSY PHARMACY 94, Pope Henessy Street Beau-Bassin 4666069    
OLLIER PHARMACY Ollier Ave Belle Rose 4640906    
CANDOS PHARMACY Vacoas Road Candos 4270280    
CAPUCINE PHARMACY Candos Commercial Centre Candos 4253880    
CAREPLUS PHARMACY (Opposite Candos Hospital) Candos 4272269    
CASTEL PHARMACY Cnr. Camp Fouquereaux Branch Road & Royal Road, Castel Castel 6968939    
Flacq Drug House Main Road Central Flacq 4132520    
SEWPAUL PHARMACY   Central Flacq 4132753    
VIAL PHARMACY MARKET ROAD Central Flacq 4130330    
VIKASH PHARMACY Al-Falaq Building Central Flacq 7813864    
CHATHAROO PHARMACY Royal Road Chemin Grenier 6226236    
CHEMIN GRENIER PHARMACY Royal Road Chemin Grenier 6228682    
COROMANDEL PHARMACY 59, Royal Road Coromandel 2338355    
PORT-MATHURIN PHARMACY  c/o Head Office 212, Morc Montreal Coromandel 8312279    
BENOIT PHARMACY Impasse Pot de Terre, Curepipe 6750084    
CUREPIPE DRUG HOUSE Chateau Neuf Street, Curepipe 6761515    
EPINAY (d') PHARMACY Royal Road Curepipe 6749234    
ESPAGNAC (d') PHARMACY Royal Road Curepipe 6763138    
GERVAL PHARMACY Royal Road Curepipe 6763572  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
JHUGROO PHARMACY c/r Jerningham & Thomy D'Arifat Streets Curepipe 6746995    
L'APOTHICAIRE PHARMACY 221, Galerie Ian Palach Curepipe 6740717    
L'APOTHICAIRE MANHATTAN PHARMACY Ave Victoria Curepipe 6740717    
The Mauritius Pharmacy Seegobin Ltd Chateauneuf street Curepipe 6763205    
NOEL PHARMACY Piton Building Curepipe 6752685    
PHARMACY BENOIT Nafyros Building Curepipe 6750084    
PHARMACY PATHER Jerningham St, Curepipe 6750094    
ROBINSON PHARMACY Ligne Berthaud Curepipe 6750094    
Pharmacie De Salaffa 31, Arcades Salaffa Curepipe 6761714    
SEETULSINGH PHARMACY Chasteauneuf St, Curepipe 6750094    
SIMONET PHARMACY Royal Road Curepipe 6763532    
TULSIDAS PHARMACY 19, Arcades Salaffa Curepipe 6761714    
ULTRAPHARM PHARMACY 65, Royal Road Curepipe Road 6700734    
EAU COULEE PHARMACY 17, Royal Road Eau Coulee  6869385    
HARRIS PHARMACY Royal Road Flacq 4139983    
NEW VOGUE PHARMACY   Flacq 4135877    
ROSHNI PHARMACY Royal Road Flacq 4132069    
FLIC EN FLAC PHARMACY Complex Menuphar Block C   Shop No. 6 Flic-en-Flac 6700734    
CLINIQUE DU DR DARNE G. Guibert St, Floreal 6012300    
MATADEEN PHARMACY Royal Road Floreal 6962636    
SHAHBEEN PHARMACY Royal Road Floreal 6868662    
SHAHROSS PHARMACY Gustave Collin Street Forest Side 6741940    
BURAHEE PHARMACY Dr Hurry Building Goodlands 2837509    
GOODLANDS PHARMACY Royal Road Goodlands 2839522    
KADRESS PHARMACY Royal Road Goodlands 2839522    
SANTEPLUS PHARMACY State Bank Reality Building Goodlands 2839522    
SUNRISE PHARMACY Cnr Plateau & Royal Road Goodlands 2839291    
EBRAHIM PHARMACY Main Road Grand Bay 2638564    
GRAND BAY PHARMACY Royal Road Grand Bay 2638403    
LO PHARMACY Royal Road Grand Bay 2637068    
ROSE BEAUTY & HEALTH Super U Grand Bay 2690289    
ROSE PHARMACY Les Mirabelles Bld La Salette Road Grand Bay 2636264    
SEEBUN PHARMACY Lallmatie Lallmatie 4181040    
AL-SHAFA PHARMACY Suffren Road Mahebourg 6319792    
BLUE-BAY PHARMACY Labourdonnais Street Mahebourg 6315146    
ESNY (d') PHARMACY Les Mariannes Street Mahebourg 6317190    
MAHEBOURG (de) PHARMACY Royal Road Mahebourg 6319621    
R.A.R. PHARMACY Royal Road Mahebourg 6318483    
WELLCARE PHARMACY Royal Road Mahebourg 6317748    
MESNIL PHARMACY Parisot Road Mesnil 6970202    
RAAZA PHARMACY Royal Road, Mesnil 6989580    
MOKA PHARMACY Rue Leclezio Moka 4331267    
IDAMED PHARMACY Royal Road Mont Ida 4168843    
MONTAGNE BLANCHE PHARMACY Royal Road Montagne Blanche 4375156    
DOORGA PHARMACY Royal Road New Grove 6277766    
OORIAH PHARMACY BELLE-SOURCE Pamplemousses 2439340    
PAMPLEMOUSSES PHARMACY Royal Road Pamplemousses 2438895    
PEREYBERE PHARMACY Royal Road Pereybere 2635788    
PETITE RIVIERE PHARMACY Royal Road Petite Riviere 2331992    
BEEHARRY PHARMACY Phoenix Phoenix 6863051    
GALIEN PHARMACY Phoenix Commercial Centre Phoenix 6863051    
PHOENIX (de) PHARMACY Royal Road Phoenix 6964670    
DODO & CO LTD PHARMACY Seegobin Bld Rishi Dayanand Road Plaine Magnien 6374515    
DOORGAKANT PHARMACY   Plaine Magnien  6373196    
A.E. PATEL & CO PHARMACY 38, S.S.R. Street Port Louis 2100128    
ALLOMED PHARMACY Rte des Pamplemousses Port Louis 2425030    
AN-NOOR PHARMACY Cnr E. Anquetil Street & Sir Virgil Naz Port Louis 2170412    
ATCHIA PHARMACY S.S. Ramgoolam St Port Louis 2402564    
BELL VILLAGE PHARMACY 11, Brabant Street, Port Louis 2121946    
CENTRE (du) PHARMACY 30, S.S. Ramgoolam St, Port Louis 2082235    
CITY PHARMACY 12, Queen Street Port Louis 2121426    
DAUHOO PHARMACY 66, Sir Virgil Naz Street Port Louis 2402157    
DESFORGES PHARMACY 72, S.S. Ramgoolam St, Port Louis 2401151    
DILMAR PHARMACY 21 A, Mere Barthelemy St Port Louis 2103607    
KENTISH PHARMACY 64, Etienne Pellereau St Port Louis 2428205    
LA PAIX PHARMACY 54, La Paix Street Port Louis 2402207    
LAI FAT PHARMACY 20, E. Anquetil Street Port Louis 2420540    
LE POINT PHARMACY 23, Menagerie Road Port Louis 2100127    
LIFE PHARMACY 36, Sir W. Newton Street Port Louis 2082009    
LINK PHARMACY 5, Royal Road Port Louis 2128959  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
L'OUEST (De) PHARMACIE 31, Soulliac Street Port Louis 2116312    
MEDICAL TRADING PHARMACY Chaussee Street Port Louis 2102655    
MEDICOURT PHARMACY Labourdonnais Court Bld St Georges Street Port Louis 2112365    
NAZROO PHARMACY Cnr 62, S.S. Ramgoolam & La paix Street Port Louis 2402295    
NEWTON PHARMACY Cnr W. Newton & Queen Street Port Louis 2082244  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
PEEROO PHARMACY S.S.R. Street Port Louis 2401714    
PHARMACARE PHARMACY 20, Souillac Street Port Louis 4192627    

Pharmalink Pharmacy

Caudan Port Louis 211 8300 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
PLAINE VERTE (De la) PHARMACIE 56, Edgar Laurent Street, Port Louis 2401762    
PLANET PHARMACY 13 Chaussee Street Port Louis 2110235    
PORT (du) PHARMACY Immigration Square Port Louis 2081037    
PORT-LOUIS (DE) PHARMACY Gare du Nord Port Louis 2411649    
QUAI (du) PHARMACY Immigration Square Port Louis 2124602    
QUEEN STREET PHARMACY Queen Street, Port Louis 2121426    
RAMDANEE PHARMACY Cnr Lord Kitchener &  Jemmapes Street Port Louis 2123075    
RENAISSANCE PHARMACY 68, S.S. Ramgoolam St, Port Louis 2403358    
THERAPHARM PHARMACY 14, Dr Sun Yat Sen St, Port Louis 2421620    
UNIPHARM PHARMACY 25, Bourbon Street Port Louis 2124602    
BALLOO PHARMACY   Quartier Militaire 4355487    
C. Y HENRY PHARMACY La Louise Quatre Bornes 4245466    
GLAIEUIL PHARMACY St-Jean Road Quatre Bornes 4642953    
HEALTHPLUS PHARMACY Cnr Draper & Belle Rose Avenue Quatre Bornes 4676641    
IDEALE PHARMACY St-Jean St, Quatre Bornes 4545445    
K & I PHARMACY Palma Road La Louise Quatre Bornes 4248168    
LA LOUISE PHARMACY St Jean Road Quatre Bornes 4250326    
MAYFIELD PHARMACY G.G. House Vacoas Road, La Louise Quatre Bornes 4256951    
MEDICAL TRADING TRIANON PHARMACY Trianon Shopping Park, Quatre Bornes 4546901    
ORCHIDEES PHARMACY 77, St-Jean Road Quatre Bornes 4641804    
PALMA PHARMACY 185, Palma Road Quatre Bornes 4273041    
PHARMAK PHARMACY Palma Road, La Louise Quatre Bornes 4242788    
PHARMAPLUS PHARMACY Rte St-Jean Quatre Bornes 4545429    
PROCARE PHARMACY 2A, Avenue des Capucines Quatre Bornes 4659168    
QUATRE-BORNES (de) PHARMACIE Saint-Jean Road Quatre Bornes 4646115    
ST-JEAN PHARMACY St-Jean Road Quatre Bornes 4646115  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
TROPICALE PHARMACY Royal Road La Louise Quatre Bornes 4277970.    
Unilink Pharmacy Jumbo shopping complex Riche Terre 2484435 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
CARELINE PHARMACY Royal Road Riviere des Anguilles 6263700    
TOORABALLY PHARMACY Royal Road Riviere des Anguilles 6265266    
BARODA PHARMACY Baroda Lane Riviere du Rempart 4127254    
RAMBURN PHARMACY Schoenfeld Road Riviere du Rempart 4125071    
REMPART PHARMACY Beebeejaun Complex Riviere du Rempart 4121314    
BEL AIR PHARMACY Royal Road Riviere Seche 9203558    
INDERGEET PHARMACY Royal Road Riviere Seche 4193277    
ARGIS & CO. PHARMACY Royal Road Rose Belle 6274823    
BARAMIA PHARMACY Royal Road Rose Belle 6273715    
MERIDIONAL PHARMACY Royal Road Rose Belle 6274022    
SUD (du) PHARMACY Royal Road Rose Belle 6274661    
AH SEN PHARMACY Atrium Building Rose Hill 4658746    
ANTELME (d') PHARMACY Antelme St, Rose Hill 4544013    
BUCKINGHAM PHARMACY Ratsitatane St, Rose Hill 4646844    
DESCELLES PHARMACY Edward VII St, Rose Hill 2833334    
EDWARD VII PHARMACY Arcade Sholay, 21, Maurice Cure St Rose Hill 4643967    
HEALTH CARE PHARMACY 72, Hugnin Road Rose Hill 4541684    
MODERNE PHARMACY Commercial Centre Rose Hill 4541925    
NEW-STANLEY PHARMACY Route Hugnin Stanley Rose Hill 4641491    
NOTRE DAME DES VICTOIRES PHARMACY Dr Maurice Cure St, Rose Hill 4548042    
PHARMEXPRESS PHARMACY 1, Dr Roux Street Rose Hill 4655422    
ROSE-HILL PHARMACY Royal Road Rose Hill 4543686    
STANDARD PHARMACY Magic Lantern Building Rose Hill 4644920    
H.K.M. PHARMACY L'Agrement St Pierre 4331292    
PHARMACHIC PHARMACY Royal Road St Pierre 4334593    
SAINT-PIERRE PHARMACY Royal Road St Pierre 4334234    
ABERCROMBIE PHARMACY 112, Rte des Pamplemousses Ste-Croix 2419259    
BURTALLY PHARMACY LTD 99, Rte des Pamplemousses Ste-Croix 2419259    
KAUROO PHARMACY Royal Road Surinam 6255905    
TAMARIN PHARMACY Royal Road Shop 19   Cap Dal Tamarin 4835247    
LE HOCHET PHARMACY Royal Road Le Hochet Terre Rouge 2491716    
TERRE ROUGE PHARMACY Royal Road Terre Rouge 2480115    
SCORE PHARMACY Coastal Road Tombeau Bay 2475275    
SUN PHARMACY Moonlight Building 9th Mile Triolet 2613465    
TRIOLET PHARMACY Royal Road Triolet 2616720    
UNICARE PHARMACY Royal Road Triolet 2611053    
UNUTH PHARMACY Royal Road Triolet 2616746    
ALPHA-2 PHARMACY 6, Arcade Vavid, Route du Club Vacoas 6973439    
BAPPOO & Cie PHARMACY 3, Avenue John Kennedy Vacoas 6964432    
CENTRAL PHARMACY St-Paul Road Vacoas 6964424    
DHUNNY PHARMACY John Kennedy Road Vacoas 6862258    
J & A PHARMACY Modern House, Modern Square Vacoas 6963755    
LUXMI PHARMACY Seelarbokus Building, St Paul Road Vacoas 6981433    
MORABY PHARMACY C5, John Kennedy Road Vacoas 6861157    
NEW VACOAS PHARMACY Reunion Road Vacoas 6964461    
ROYAL PHARMACY La Croisee, Glen Park Vacoas 6980606    
S. BAPPOO PHARMACY 3, Kennedy Avenue Vacoas 6964432    
SOMEDICO PHARMACY La Caverne Vacoas 6977114    
VISITATION PHARMACY La Caverne Vacoas 6861371    

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List of Medical Practitioners (Doctors) Licenced by Medical Council of Mauritius


Title Names Address City Phone No
ABBASAKOOR Abdel Yusuf Royal Road, Grand Pointe Aux Piments 7184725
ABBASAKOOR Faisal Ave Quatre Bornes 4272604
ABDOOL Reychad Remy Ollier, Closel, Phoenix  
ABDOOL Fouad Essaie David Street, Cite De Rosnay Beau Bassin 454 4272
ABDOOL Ahad Hossen 2, Henry Lemaire Street Beau Bassin 4544171
ABDOOLATIFF Feizal Amaury Belle Vue Maurel 412 7732
ABEELUCK Meetheelesh Kumar Mission Cross Road, Lallmatie 4183040
ABELAK Ranjit Robinson Road Floreal 686 3507
ABOOBAKAR Mohamed Raza 9a, Rennards Lane, Beau Bassin 4642373
ABOOBAKAR Shahina 9, Impasse Rennards Street Beau Bassin 464 2373
ABOOBAKAR A.R.Mohamed Hassam 9, Impasse Rennards Street Beau Bassin 464 2373
ABOOBAKER Fawzia Hassam Avenue Des Hirondelles, Sodnac Quatre Bornes 454 5803
ADAM Marie Marc Guy P.O.Box 18 Floreal 6861477
ADJODAH Girjakumar Forest Lane Floreal 686 6748
ADNATH Rodica 15, Gabriel Froppier Street, Beau Bassin 4667082
ADNATH Lomash Opposite Salaffa Building Curepipe 425 4674
AGARWAL Purushottam Das Victoria Hospital, Candos, Quatre Bornes 2011919
AGRAWAL Rajiv S.S.R. National Hospital, Pamplemousses 2011919
AH KEE Sun Min 3. Bernadin De Saint Pierre St Curepipe 676 5868
AH SIEN Kwet Seem 5, Endeavour St, Roches Brunes Beau Bassin 4540719
AH SUN Ah Den Ah Yan 57, D'entrecasteaux Street Port Louis 208 0089
AH-KION Pak Khian 68, D'entrecasteaux Street Port Louis 2124987
AHLUWALIA Ramneek 245a Baracuda Drive, Morc. Jhubhoo, Trou Aux Biches 7130382
AKBAR Saleem J, Nehru Hospital Rose Belle 7319505
ALLEEMUDDER Abdool Hamid 169, Bernadin De St. Pierre, Carolal, Vallee Des Pretres 2419893
ALLGOO Vinod Kumar Dwarkasingh Couacaud Road Grand Gaube 2888077
ALLYBOCUS Sheik Abdool Hamid Maurel Road Riv. Du Rempart 4127169
ALLYBOCUS Abdool Cader 65, Royal Road, Belle Rose Rose Hill 4645378
ALLYBOKUS Abdool Raouf Cr Sir Virgile Naz & Dupuy Ave Quatre Bornes 425 0982
ALMAST Jeevak 18, Teeluck Lane Castel 4256893
AMATHALLY O'Gilvie Harold Allan Theveneau Lane Floreal  
AMATHALLY Deepa Gopinathan Theveneau Lane Floreal 6861477
AMBASTHA Prashant Kumar 87, Ave. Trianon 2, Sodnac, Quatre Bornes 4663584
AMEERUDDEN Riyaz Ahmad 59, Residence St. Daniel, Arrian Street, R. Brunes Beau Bassin 4650774
AMIDE Mahmade Rechad 6, Panorama Lane Coromandel 2331359
AMIN Ehshana Bibi 26, Bis, Horace De Caille, Carreaux Lalo, Vallee Des Pretres 241 7970
ANATH Dant Ciaran 18-20, Bancillon Street Port Louis 212 0918
ANCHARAZ Vidyavrattjee Saint Ursule Central Flacq 413 2276
ANCHARAZ Vedavruttji Boulet Rouge Central Flacq 413 2724
ANCHARAZ Maydhavruttji Brahma Kumari Lane, Ste Ursule Central Flacq 4134540
ANCHARAZ-RAGHOO Lalita Boulet Central Flacq 4134721
ANNAUTH Meeta 22a, Royal Road, Eau Coulee Curepipe Road 6867750
ANUNDROW Dawlutsaitrow 42, Guy Ithier St., Vuillemin Beau Bassin 454 2083
APPADOO Sarojni Coast Road, Near Sir G. Duval Stadium, Grand Gaube 283 9070
APPADOO Appalsamy 26, Cr. Capucines/Goyaviers Ave. Quatre Bornes 464 7457
APPANAH Sarah East Candos Lane, Candos, Quatre Bornes 4241420
APPAPOULAY Sydney Laval Royal Road Beau Bassin 4541268
APPAVOO-BHARTI Balambal Ave. Des Moineaux, Sodnac Quatre Bornes 425 6882
APPIAH Vishnu Royal Road Mahebourg 6319744
APPIAH Sunita General De Gaulle Street Curepipe Road 6740296
APPIAH Deoraz Royal Road, Morc. St. Andre Plaines Des Papayes 2616483
ASHRAF Mackbool Mirr Naazim Highlands, Phoenix 6967064
ASOPA Suresh Chandar Doctors' Quarters, S.S.R. National Hospital, Pamplemousses 243 3761
ASWANI KUMAR NARAYANA Pillai Sarojini Amma Ministry Of Health And Quality Of Life Port Louis  
ATCHIA Ahmad Ibrahim 36, Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam St. Port Louis 2401115
ATCHIA Abdullah Rd Pointe Aux Piments 2698521
AUBDOOL Rukaiya Bibi 21, Perimbe Street Port Louis 242 1450
AUBDOOL Bibi Ruzida 21, Perimbe Street Port Louis 242 1450
AUBEELACK Kushroo Avinish Varma 102, Allee Brillant, Castel, Phoenix 6863522
AUBEELUCK Ashwin 2a, Ritter Street, Curepipe 6740188
AUCHARAZ Kaviraj Sharma Royal Road Petit Raffray 2839928
AUCKLOO Sheik Mamode Swaley 47, Pere Laval Street Beau Bassin 464 3334
AUKLE Ranjit 33b, Serge Alfred Street, Beau Bassin 4541260
AULEEAR Sadick Hossen Royal Road, 9eme Mille Triolet 261 5916
AULEEAR Arjoon Kreshan Leoville L'homme Street  Rose Hill 4665485
AULLYBUX Mohamed 222, Avenue John Kennedy                                Vacoas 696 4465
AUMEER Rajnath Paradizo Lane,                                                   Pereybere 2638840
AUMEER Manwantee 46, Loreto Convent Street                                   Vacoas 6863086
AUMEER Hurreeprem 8d, Dupuis Lane,                                                Floreal 696 5677
AUMEER Farhad Ismael 57, Etienne Pellereau Street                               Port Louis 240 5245
AUMEERALLY Zeennat Banu 4, Volcy Goupille Street,                                    Beau Bassin 4673433
AUMEERALLY Rashidally 13, St. Francois Xavier St.                                  Port Louis 242 0172
AUMEERALLY Mohamad Rafiq 4,Bis Duclos Street, Apart No. 1                         Port Louis 212 8288
AUNARUTH Hanshilla Devi 7, Dupuis Lane, Morc Medine,                            Floreal 4245182
AUNGRAHEETA Mohammad Sajjid 23, La Caverne No. 1,                                         Vacoas 6860336
AVRILLON Philippe Jean Michel 3, Robert E. Hart St., Noelville                            Curepipe 6861477
AWOOTAR Neetyanundsingh 28a, Avenue Des Flamants, Sodnac,                 Quatre Bornes 4240330
AWOTAR Mahendra Kumar Royal Roal, Trois Boutiques,                              Union Vale 6373777
AWOTAR Kanika Royal Road, Trois Boutiques,                             Union Vale 6375018
AYASSAMY Govinden 10, Thomy D'arifat Street                                    Curepipe 6742664


BABAJEE Krishna Societe Regency Sq, Flat 56, 4, Crn Conal & Mc Irv Beau Bassin 433 0570
BACHONEE Rajeev Kumar Soondar Munrakhan Lane,                                Long Mountain 2452697
BACHONEE Bhagwath S. Mundrakhun Road                                         Long Mountain 245 2697
BACHOO Tarkeswarnath Plaine Des Roches                                            Riv. Du Rempart 412 8798
BADRY Shri Krish Sinha Royal Road, Saint Malo                                     Tombeau Bay 247 2890
BAGERI Sanne Gowda Venkatesh City Clinic, 102-106 Sir Edgar Laurent Street,  Port Louis 2420486
BAGUANT Mahendra Pratab Camp Ithier                                                         Flacq 413 3088
BAHADOOR Mahmud Fareed Royal Road                                                        Rose Belle 6274479
BAHEMIA Ismael Issop Amode Remono Street                                                   Rose Hill 454 1451
BAHEMIA Cassam Issop Amode Giblot Ducray Street                                          Beau Bassin 454 8222
BAHEMIA Abdoollah Mamode Amode 34, Pope Hennessy Street                                  Port Louis 212 3382
BAICHOO Kamlatuntdass Independence Avenue                                       Phoenix 686 5134
BAICHOO Harishcoomar 19, Remy Ollier Street                                        Phoenix 696 4976
BAICHOO Devanand Royal Road, 8eme Mille                                      Triolet 261 6531
BAICHOO-AJGAYBEE Pallavi Royal Road, 8eme Miles,                                    Triolet 2616832
BALGOBIN Vinod Appart 203, Queen's Court, Malartic Str,             Rose Hill 4679352
BALIGADOO Soorianarain De Chazal Lane, St. Paul Rd.                        Vacoas 686 0228
BALLYSING-DAVIDSEN Lakshee Devi Royal Road                                                        Goodlands 2832417
BALNATH Mohunparsad Sir Pierre Simonet Street                                    Floreal 686 7808
BANDHU Rajun 7, Nicolas De Cere Street                                   Beau Bassin 4653314
BAPPAYYA Santaram Guda Morcellement Piat                                              Forest Side 674 8266
BARIK Rabindra 37, D'artois Street,                                              Port Louis  
BARKATOOLAH Abdool Razack Shaik 66, Sir S. Ramgoolam St.                                   Port Louis 2403393
BAROSEE Loknath 1a, R. Gujadhur Road                                        Curepipe  
BASANT RAI Veenoo Devi 52, Beeharry Lane                                              Floreal 696 2355
BASANT RAI Satyanandlall 52, Beeharry Lane                                              Floreal 696 2355
BAULJEEWON Gooroodeo Lamairee Street                                                 Eau Coulee 696 3898
BAZIRE Jean Luc P. E. 6, Le Conte De Lisle Avenue,                             Quatre Bornes 464 1199
BEEBEEJAUN Beebee Mehjabeen Royal Road,                                                        Piton 2648015
BEEBEEJAUN Mahmad Seedick 18, Vandermeersch Street                                 Rose Hill 454 6248
BEEBEEJAUN Haroon Rashid Victor Hugo Street                                             Beau Bassin 4546999
BEEBEEJAUN Ahmed Rashid Cr Gaetan Raynal/V.Hugo Sts.                          Beau Bassin 454 8181
BEEDASSY Sandya 223, Bassin Road                                              Quatre Bornes 4242074
BEEDASSY Kavita King George V Avenue                                       Floreal 696 4305
BEEDASSY Indradeo Govt Quarters, No.105b, C/O Q. Elizabeth Hospital  Rodrigues 8320430
BEEDASY Turyanand 12, Loriots Lane, Ssr Ave, Sodnac                     Quatre Bornes 4254248
BEEGOO Sanjai Royal Road,                                                      Upper Dagotiere 4337016
BEEGOO Sailesh Kumar 51b, Royal Road,                                               Belle Rose 4670395
BEEGOO Poornimasing Bois Cheri Road                                                 Saint Pierre 433 1600
BEEHARRY Mahomed Ellam 6, Tristan D'avice Avenue                                  Quatre Bornes 4241027
BEEHARRY Ismael Nabeebux 117, Magon Street                                              Port Louis 242 1003
BEEHARRY Ashwin Mapou, Leclezio,                                                Goodlands 2835949
BEEHARRY Anil Kumar Singh 72, Malartic Street                                              Rose Hill 4653980
BEEHARRY Abdool Motalib 119, Magon Street                                              Port Louis 2421465
BEEHARRY PANRAY Basoodeo 1, Victoria Road,                                                Long Mountain 6778577
BEEHUSPOTEEA Radhika 45, Avenue De L'independence                          Vacoas 6975693
BEEHUSPOTEEA Bassoodeo 45, Avenue De L'independence                         Vacoas 6975613
BEEJADHURSING Kumari Doorguesh Nundunnee 3, Avenue Des Rossignols, Sodnac,         Quatre Bornes 4277875
BEEKARRY Danilall 59, Tranquille Road, Solferino           Vacoas  
BEHARY PARAY Beejaye Kumar 23, Avenue Dodos, Sodnac Quatre Bornes 425 7736
BHAGEERUTTY Trina Ityssa Kalawtee 44, Morcellement Bismic Flic - En - Flac  
BHAGEERUTTY Ram 13a, Malartic Street Curepipe 676 6265
BHAGEERUTTY Jasraj 9b, Willoughby Street Curepipe 675 1133
BHAIRAPPA Shrimanth Jeetoo Hospital Port Louis  
BHARTI Milind Morc. Jitsingh, Les Flaments Road, Pereybere  
BHAT Rajesh Kumar Ministry Of Health And Quality Of Life Port Louis 2011919
BHATTACHARYYA Pallab Shantiniketan, Middle Road, Plaine Des Papayes 7698510
BHEEKHOO Nankeswar 32, Avenue De La Faye, Quatre Bornes 4676416
BHEENICK Ramchandra 23, Theodore Sauzier Street Curepipe Road 686 3330
BHEENICK Preet 23, Theodore Sauzier Street Curepipe Road 686 3330
BHEENICK Heeralall 4a, Hitchcock Avenue Quatre Bornes 454 2905
BHEWA Muhammad Yusuf Du Hangard Street Mahebourg 6318051
BHIKAJEE Bhimsen Impasse Bethuel, Jackson Rd. Vacoas 686 0595
BHINKAH Ashok 20, Motais Street Port Louis 208 1295
BHOLAH Prema Devi 57, Avenue Ollier Rose Hill 4642000
BHOLAH Mohamed Gaffoor 50, Route Du Jardin Curepipe 6765026
BHOLAH Farouk Mohammad 3, Charles De Gaulle Street Rose Hill 464 8246
BHOLOA Heman Kumar Le Grand Branch Road Grand Bois 617 5187
BHOMA Anand Prakash Royal Road, Le Hochet, Terre Rouge 2481152
BHONSLE Vivek Harrison Atlas Road, Goodlands 2433661
BHOYROO Abdool Satar Morcellement Dalais, Rue Lees, Curepipe 2593287
BHUDOYE Ravindrasing Dextra Lane Trou Aux Biches 2655391
BHUGALOO Ali Ahmed Royal Road Brisee Verdiere 4183028
BHUGALOO Abdoollah Rashid Coastal Road Trou Aux Biches 2521285
BHUGELOO Ameeruddin Nooruddin Royal Road, Belle Rose Quatre Bornes 464 4192
BHUGOO Ravindradev School Lane, Morc. Saint Andre Plaines Des Papayes 261 5265
BHUGOO Arya Dev Market Road Central Flacq 413 2658
BHUJAN Vedpal Mahatma Gandhi Street, Roche Terre, Grand Gaube 2882484
BHUJUN Bhagwanduth Mahatma Gandhi Rd, Roche Terre Grand Gaube 2837381
BHUNJUN Hemlall Monseigneur Leen Street Curepipe Road 675 1525
BHUNNOO Ammanoollah Goolam Mamode Royal Road, Uphill, Tyack Riv Des Anguilles 626 5572
BHURTUN Azad 15 Cantons, Vacoas 6863173
BHUSHAN Kumar Ravi Ministry Of Health And Quality Of Life Port Louis  
BISNAUTHSING Geerjanun 24, Closel Lane Phoenix 6961067
BISSESSUR Toshan 22, Meldurm Street, Curepipe 6966875
BISSESSUR Radha Kreesoonsing 22, Dr. Lesur Street Beau Bassin 4653295
BISSESSUR Marina Alexsandrovna 22, Meldrum Street, Curepipe Road 6966875
BISSONAUTH Chandradev 48, Vacoas Road, Candos Quatre Bornes 4255420
BISSOONAUTH Hyaswant 19, Ambrose Street Rose Hill 454 2482
BISSOONAUTHSING Chrishna Nand 128, Sir Celicourt Anthelme Ave. Quatre Bornes 425 3267
BISSOONDYAL Koonwar Bassin Road Quatre Bornes 464 7392
BOLAKY Farah BiBi 102 D, Belle Rose Avenue, Quatre Bornes 4657314
BOLTON John Clifford St Jean Medical Centre, St Jean Rd Quatre Bornes 4644829
BONOMALLY Rajendra Kumar 173, Royal Road Curepipe Road 6749179
BONOMALLY Kishore Kumar 91, Royal Road Curepipe Road 7671899
BOODHEEA Adam Flammants Street Mahebourg 6319566
BOODHENA Anuradha Solferino No. 4 Vacoas 4270036
BOODHOO Ramraj 238, Avenue John Kennedy Vacoas 696 5332
BOODHOO Rajeshwari 11, Ave Trianon Ii, Morc St Jean Quatre Bornes 425 8135
BOODHOO Kandhayalall Swaraz Sing 11, Ave Trianon Ii, Morc. St. Jean Quatre Bornes 425 8135
BOODHOO Ishwarduth Imp. St. Anne,Rte St. Anne, Stanley Rose Hill 464 7539
BOODHOO Hemraz Meldrum Street, Holyrood Ii Vacoas 686 2795
BOODHUN Rudul Kumar 5, Colonel Maingard Street Beau Bassin 454 1984
BOODHUN Dharry Ramsurn Lane, St Paul Road Phoenix 686 8396
BOODHUN Amritlall 52, Ave. Beau Sejour, Belle Rose Rose Hill 4645543
BOODHUN Abdullah Rashid 27, Lord Kitchener Street Port Louis 2103946
BOODOO Abdool Yusuff 7, Cite Laval Street Port Louis 242 3886
BOOJHAWON Nina Vassilievna Royal Road Lallmatie 4183545
BOOLELL Vijay 159, Sir Guy Forget Avenue Quatre Bornes 4646418
BOOLELL O.S.K. Satish 20, Avenue Cardinal Quatre Bornes 425 9643
BOORA Ram Niwas J. Nehru Hospital Rose Belle  
BOSSOONDYAL Yassemein Malik 140 - 142, Cocoterie Road, Ste Croix Port Louis 2428224
BOSSOONDYAL Prittysingh 140, Route Cocotrie, Ste Croix, Port Louis 2428224
BOSSOONDYAL Nundkeswarsingh Suraj 140, Cocoterie Road, Ste. Croix, Port Louis 2428224
BOULAKI Sudesh Kumar 33a, Royal Road, Baramia Rose Belle 627 4626
BRAMDEO Mohandas Roy 8b, La Croix Street Forest Side 676 2159
BRAVO CAISER Fausto Bartolo S.S.R.N. Hospital Pamplemousses 7615818
BRIZMOHUN Parmanund 10, Prosper D'epinay Street Curepipe Road 696 1046
BROUSSE DE GERSIGNY Paul Gerard Ignace 21 B Black Rock Tamarin 5830145
BUCHA Takeswar Nath Avenue Kooraram, Belle Rose, Rose Hill 4549030
BUCKTOWAR Sanjay Clairfonds No.1 Vacoas 6862327
BUCKTOWAR Sangeeta Clairfonds Road No 1 Vacoas 6862327
BUCKTOWAR Pravin Clairfonds Road No.1, Po Box 8, Vacoas 686 2327
BUKHORY Dinesh Kumar Royal Road, Derningham, Triolet 2615369
BUNDHOO Shawmendra Srivastava 33. Avenue Des Glaieuls, Quatre Bornes 4659680
BUNDHOO Savita 43-A, J.Nerhu St, Clairfonds 1 Phoenix 6979747
BUNDHOO Satyadev Randhir Kumar 43-A, J. Nehru St,Clairfonds 1 Phoenix 6979747
BUNDHUN Rishi 49, Morcellement Montreal Phase Ii, Coromandel, Beau Bassin 2335760
BUNDHUN Soobasschan Gandhi Road, Mare D'albert 6272914
BUNDHUN Diwakur 5, Avenue Des Geauis, Morcellement Sodnac, QUATRE BORNES 4184872
BUNDHUN Chandr Dutt 49, Morcellement Montreal Ii Coromandel 212 0729
BUNWAREE Vasant Kumar 1st Lane West, Floreal 6862060
BURAHEE Shabnam Royal Road, Lower Val 2633823
BURAHEE Moostakim Ebrahim Flatsl, Royal Road Grand Baie 263 7845
BURTON Nareshlall 3a, Laperouse Junction Curepipe Road 6965458
BURUMDAYAL Rohit Chutturdharry 33, Royal Road, Eau Coulee Curepipe Road 6766677
BUSAWON Avinash 14c, Avenue Couvent De Lorette, Vacoas 6962799
BUSGEETH Sardhanand Royal Road, Belle Vue, Maurel Riviere Du Rempart 4127254
BUSGOPAL Dharanjay Royal Road Petit Raffray 2837166
BUXOO Ahad 18a, Lady Twining Street Beau Bassin 454 9666


CADERSA Muslim 50, Poivre Avenue, Belle Rose Quatre Bornes 4546255
CANDASAMY Moonsamy 5, Prison's Road Pointe Aux Sables 2545543
CANTIAH Kaliraj Pascal, Devalet Road, Brisee Verdiere 4180076
CASSE Serge Bertie Gaetan 24, Meldrum Street Beau Bassin 464 5902
CASSIM Abdur Rashid Mamode 13, Andre Glover Street Rose Hill 454 4941
CATHERINE Emma Lydwine Riverside Lane, 6th Mille, Pamplemousses 2439523
CAULLOO Sillani Royal Road, Congomah, D'epinay 2430107
CAUSSY Beerdarshan Singh Royal Road Morc Saint Andre 261 5768
CHADY Mohummud Siddick 16, Chady Lane Rose Hill 464 6653
CHAKOWA Agness 25, Surcouf Avenue Quatre Bornes 425 4682
CHAMAN Aleem Sivananda Avenue Curepipe Road 696 4120
CHAMANE Premraj Camp Fouquereaux Phoenix 6967301
CHAN YUM WING Huai Sheng 11, Morcellement Carbonel Swift Lane Curepipe.  
CHANDI Bhupesh Ministry Of Health And Quality Of Life Port Louis 2011919
CHANG SENG YUE Louis Renaud Val Ory Moka 433 4292
CHAO HSIU HSIUNG Lau Ye Lan 39, Seeneevassen Street Port Louis 240 0641
CHATHAROO Rayhana R. Aziza 14, Couvent De Lorette St. Curepipe 675 2083
CHATHAROO Raouf Khan 14, Couvent De Lorette St. Curepipe Road 675 2083
CHATTAROO Sabir Ahmud Khan Willoughby Street Curepipe 622 6515
CHATURVEDI Priti 1a, Royal Road, Eau Coulee  
CHAVRIMOOTOO Odile 42, Avenue Dupre, Quatre Bornes 4650362
CHAVRIMOOTOO O.B.E. Rayapen 42, Avenue Duperay, Quatre Bornes 454 1676
CHELLAPERMAL Lutcheemee 5, Arnaud Lane Beau Bassin 4654927
CHELLEN Devadassen 8, Dr Pepin Street Beau Bassin 4657194
CHEONG Chiung Miow Bruno Dr. Ernest Harel Street, Floreal 6988488
CHETTY Thelma Chitra Mont Oreb Lane Pereybere 263 8849
CHINEAH Ashley 43, Derby Street, Forest Side  
CHINNIAH Ashvin 103, Sodnac Avenue, Quatre Bornes 4667646
CHITSON Pang Ngah Shin 1, River View Villa, Gentilly Moka 433 2220
CHOJOO Khalid 51, Duperre Avenue Quatre Bornes 4249448
CHONG AH YAN Kong Tai Le Colonial Ave Georges V Floreal 2384050
CHOONEE Dhanesswur Morc Providencia, Providence, Quartier Militaire 5550864
CHOONEEA Ramdev 21a, Club Road Vacoas 696 5681
CHOOROMONEY Rajnishlall 11, Solferino No.5, Solferino Vacoas 424 3599
CHOPRA Ashok 39(C) Dartois Street, Port Louis 2011919
CHOUDHARY Gulam Alataf Hussain 11, Avenue Flammant, Sodnac, Quatre Bornes 2011919
CHOUDHARY Barun Kumar C/O Mr. Moorli Gujadhur, No. 7, Hennessy Court, Quatre Bornes 4545423
CHU SANG Wong San Yee 270, Morcellement Montreal Coromandel 2337388
CHUDOORY Dev Kumar Osman Road, Notre Dame Long Mountain 2453101
CHUI WAN CHEONG Patrick Alain 68, Volcy Pougnet Street Port Louis 242 0486
CHUI WAN CHEONG Audrey Patricia City Clinic, Magon Street Port Louis 212 3827
CHUI WAN CHEONG O.B.E. Joseph Patrick C.A.F. 68 Volcy Pougnet Street Port Louis 242 1487
CHUKOWRY Santosh Kumar D. Lallah Lane, Robinson Road Floreal 627 4995
CHUMMUN Kushal 72, Raoul Follereau, Beau Bassin 4542462
CHUMMUN Dweejendra Roselyn Cottage Saint Pierre 4330293
CHUMMUN Vinu Sharma 14, Mahadeo Biltoo Street Beau Bassin 4545704
CHUMMUN Shutpall 24, Royal Road, Candos Quatre Bornes  
CHUMMUN Doorgapersad 72, R Follereau St, Mare Gravier Beau Bassin 454 2462
CHUMMUN Dev 35, Royal Road, Eau Coulee Curepipe Road 675 5835
CHUMROO Jufelkar Ali Latapie Road, Brisee Verdiere 4187413
CHUMUN Ritesh Motee Road, Notre Dame, Long Mountain 2452631
CHUNG PIN YONG Chung Fat Chong 35, Seeneevasen  Street Port Louis 240 5834
CHUNNOO Neena Phael Road, Highlands Phoenix 6980537
CHUNNOO Komalprasad Phael Road, Highlands Phoenix 6980537
CHUNNOO Indraduth 58, Ave. Des Lataniers, Quatre Bornes 454 6837
CHUTOORGOON Anjali 7, Caudan Street, Port Louis 2082131
CHUTTUR Satya Prakash Ilot, D'epinay Pamplemousses 243 4086
CONHYEA Dyanane 12, Inkermann Street Port Louis 242 1067
COODRATTY Rafiq 31, Madras Street Port Louis 2411522
COUACAUD Marie Joseph Michel Robert Royal Road Grand Baie 263 8713
CREPET Gerard Marie Gabriel Rue Docteur Mayer, Floreal 6961391
CUNIAH Elie Jude C/O Dr. K.C. Wong Sui Chong, Royal Road, Grand Baie 2638716
CURPEN Shrinivasa 20a, Louvet Avenue Quatre Bornes 425 6083


DABEE Satiss Kumar 44, Rochecouste Street, Forest Side 6700414
DABY Geeta Forest Lane Floreal  
DABYSING Marie Françoise Patricia 7, Avenue Des Rosiers Quatre Bornes 4646546
DAMRY Bye Hassen 12, Reverend Lebrun Street Beau Bassin 454 5928
DASSAYE Salickram 25, Menagerie Road Port Louis 2102323
DASSYNE Khemraj Kanee 5, Avenue Des Eperviers Quatre Bornes 425 5052
DATTA-NAMOA Subhasree Caprice Lane, Petit Verger, St. Pierre 4331032
DAULUT Hussein Royal Road Phoenix 696 4220
DAUREEAWO Issac 37, Labourdonnais Avenue, Quatre Bornes 4276300
DAUREEAWOO O.S.K. Tayab 12, Osman Avenue Quatre Bornes 454 6133
DAVY Nolwenn Anne Marie Bain Reunion 7745910
DAWOODKHAN Mohammad Riyad 364, Vallee Des Pretes, Port Louis 2419292
DAWOODKHAN Mamode Imran 364, Vallee Des Pretes Port Louis 2419293
DAYAL Rikesh Carreau Lalliane Branch Road, Dayal Lane, Vacoas 4261749
DEELCHAND Jayeshree Asha Manilall Doctor St, Solferino Vacoas 426 4523
DEELCHAND Anil Manilall Doctor St, Solferino Vacoas 426 4523
DEENOO Satish Kumar 44, Nicholson Road, Vacoas 6966730
DEEPCHAND Ridhi Devi Gustave Bestel, Forest Side 6754272
DEEPCHAND Keshaw 26a, Swami Sivananda Street Rose Hill 454 5897
DEEPCHAND Geerish Vikram Nitish Gustave Bestel Forest Side 6754272
DEONARAIN Sattianundsing Vijaya Road, L'esperance, Trebuchet, Poudre D'or 2645037
DESAI Ramila 503, Queen's Court, Malartic St. Rose Hill 4656068
DESWAL Monika 52, Ternay Street, Port Louis 7956516
DEWNARAIN Vivekanand 20, Loreto Convent Street Curepipe Road 675 3840
DHOOPUN Subhas Chandra 162b, Saint Paul Avenue Phoenix 686 3977
DHUNNOO Leckrajsingh 8, Jackson Road Vacoas 686 5185
DHUNNOO Bhojrazsingh 56, Ligne Berthaud Street Vacoas 686 4476
DHUNPUTH Jugdish 2, Ave. Des Colombes, Sodnac Ii Quatre Bornes 425 6685
DHUNY Mohammad Raffick Dhuny Lane, St. Paul Phoenix 696 4583
DHUNY Mohammad Iqbal C/O Pharmacie De Bel Air, Bel Air Riviere Seche 4192380
DIDARALLY-KHODABOCUS Bibi Kaushur 12, Shand Street, Beau Bassin  
DILMAHAMOOD Shabana 10, Avenue Sayed Hossen, Phoenix 6960214
DILMAHAMOOD Mumtazallee 25, Menagerie Street Port Louis 212 4830
DILMAHOMED O.S.K. Mohammad Houssein Ismael 13, Georges Ambroisine Street, Port Louis 2425030
DINAH Saleem Royal Road Surinam 625 5045
DINAN Marie Desiree Pascale 11, Rue Eliacin Francois, Rose Hill 4542871
DINASSING Vijayesing Mahatma Gandhi Street Triolet 261 6575
DINASSING Pradipsing Mahatma Gandhi Street Triolet 261 6575
DINASSING Daleepsingh Atmanandsingh 60, Avenue Des Tulipes, Quatre Bornes 424 4887
DINASSING Ashwamedsing C42, Ebony Court, J. Nehru Road, Phoenix 6981387
DINASSING Aksha Valjee C42, Ebony Court, J. Nehru Road, Phoenix 6981387
DIXIT Pooja C06, Fleury Sur Mer, Nhdc Apartment, Trou Aux Biches 2011919
DIXIT Bhuvnesh Kumar C06, Fleury Sur Mer, Nhdc Apartment, Trou Aux Biches 2011919
DJAGAN Oxana Royal Road, Mare D'albert 7950054
DOARIKA Abdool Aslham Les Guibies, Pailles 2863135
DOMAH Mohammud Nizam Morc. Boucan, Nalletamby Rd. Phoenix 696 8684
DOMAH Chandra Rita 27, Colonel Draper Avenue Quatre Bornes 454 4920
DOMAH Chandra Bhan Gupt 99a, Ave. Trianon 1, Sodnac Quatre Bornes 4649570
DOMAINGUE Paul Maurice Jacques 34, River Walk Vacoas 696 3994
DOMUN Ravind Kumar Quatre Carreaux, Morc. Hossenbux Eau Coulee 6979987
DONAT Louis Pierre Roland Lallah Lane273, Royal Road Rose Hill 4649852
DOOKHARAM Rajendra Kumar 31, Anderson Street Curepipe 676 1103
DOOKHOO Mahmud Farouk 16, Charles Ollivier Port Louis 2407325
DOOLUB Meckraj 4, Sir Winston Churchill St. Curepipe 676 2061
DOOLUB Khoolseeduth 8, Royal Road, Candos Quatre Bornes 424 1007
DOSIEAH Shailendrasing Opposite Tamil Temple Long Mountain 2453232
DOWLUT Sooren La Caverne No. 2 Vacoas 6869296
DOWLUT Sharoona 16, Avenue Des Capucines Quatre Bornes 4544707
DOWLUT Mohamad Shafik 3, De Caen Street, Coignet Rose Hill 464 3027
DOWLUT - KHEERDALI Bibi Nazeerah Royal Road, Pont Fer Phoenix 4998876
DUBOURG DE LA TOUR Marie Christine Royal Road Moka 4333266
DULYMAMODE Mohammad Ally Irshad Reza Avenue Des Pailles En Queue Medine C De Masque 4168470
DUMUR Shunjay Chamouny Chamouny 6226979
DUSORUTH Khelanthun 511-513, Vallee Des Pretres Port Louis 242 6620
DUSOWOTH Jaynandra Kumar Singh Royal Road, 7eme Mile Triolet 261 6598
DUSTAGHEER Hahmad Swalay Goolam 20 Emile Duvivier Street, Beau Bassin 4650611
DUSTAGHEER Bibi Dalilah Aicha 20 Emile Duvivier Street, Beau Bassin 4650611
DYALL Linda 36, Ave Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Quatre Bornes 4254046
DYALL Chutturpersad 59, Ave Sir S. Ramgoolam Quatre Bornes 425 4810


EARALLY Muhammad Fadil 7b, Anderson Street Curepipe 6744483
EARALLY Mahmad Yousouf 1k, Lees Street Curepipe 6961267
EDOO Abdool Wahid Ibrahim 10, Louis Victor Ducasse, Port Louis 2420367
EFFENDI-SIDDIQUI Kausar Flacq Hospital, Flacq  
EL BAYATI Salimah 3, Engineer Street Port Louis 242 4361
EMAMALLY Mohummud Ismail Bhagath Lane, Glen Park, Vacoas 6842341
ERADHUN Haroon 29, Royal Road Phoenix 696 2495
ESSOOF Amanullah Ahmad 90, Calcutta Street Port Louis 242 5069


FAGOONEE Ashish Robinson Raod, Curepipe 6751325
FAKEERAH Abdool Rajack 112, Trianon Ii, Sodnac Quatre Bornes 454 5815
FAKIM Sheilah Bibi 6, Osman Avenue Quatre Bornes 464 3535
FAKIM Shafick 3, Ave.Des Jacinthes Quatre Bornes 464 9576
FAKIM Nasser Villebague, D'epinay 4274220
FAKIM Lailah Bibi Leoville L'homme Lane, Ave. Baissac Quatre Bornes 424 3333
FAKIM Khalil 15, Avenue Sodnac, Quatre Bornes 4272650
FAKIM Anwar 106, St. Jean Road Quatre Bornes 424 0243
FAKIM Ahmed 13, Avenue Le Conte De Lisle Quatre Bornes 454 7456
FAKIM Adil Royal Road Central Flacq 464 3535
FAKIM Abid 7, Telfair Avenue Quatre Bornes 464 1981
FAREED LORD, Kt Djamil Sheik 1, Farquhar Street, Coignet Rose Hill 454 1224
FAUZEE Abdool Raffick 3, Seeneevassen Street Forest Side 676 6266
FEDALLY Aboo Swalay 13, Joomun Road, Riviere Du Rempart  
FELICIANE Pierre Alain Caverne Vacoas 7931527
FINETTE Joseph Regis Lino 17, Avenue Brown Sequard Quatre Bornes 4250138
FOKEER Reena Sharma La Hausse De La Louviere Street, Trou Aux Cerfs, Floreal 6864529
FONG WAI CHIN Christian 7, Church Street Port Louis 212 0322
FOONDUN Roman 434, Emeaus Street, Montreal Ii, Coromandel 2336460
FOONDUN Muhammad Sajeed 10, Lataniers St., Cite Martial Port Louis 241 3530
FOONDUN Mohammad Khalid 3, Abbey Mazuy Street Beau Bassin 465 0810
FOONDUN Fazlul Huck D'epinay St. Rose Hill 454 7665
FOONDUN Aziz-Ul-Haq 64, Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam St. Port Louis 240 8816
FOONDUN Aboo Swalleh Queen Alexandria/Mootia Impasse Beau Bassin 4673589
FOONDUN Abdool Haye Bon Air Moka 4331294
FULENA Chandrgupta Jugmohansingh 74, Avenue Des Ibis, Sodnac Quatre Bornes 424 1450


GAEKWAD Ranjeet House No. 44, Ternay Street, Port Louis 7500739
GAJADHARSINGH O.S.K. Krishndutt 21, Route Du Jardin Curepipe 676 6890
GANDHI Rajiv H2, Fleury Ser Mer Apartments, Trou Aux Biches 2656526
GANESHAN Yagasoondaren 37, Malartic Avenue Quatre Bornes 4272352
GANGRADE Mukesh 31g, Royal Road, Eau Coulee, Curepipe Road 6961228
GARAMPALLI Anand C/O Bengali, Belasse Ave, Morc Sodnac, Quatre Bornes 7742610
GAREEBOO Hassam 58, Sir Virgile Naz Street Port Louis 240 3106
GAYA Subha Shita Devi Cloc Limited, Nafyros Bldg, Impasse Pot De Terre, Curepipe 265 2624
GAYA Shri Baboo Megduthjee 163, Sir Celicourt Anthelme Ave. Quatre Bornes 424 1020
GAYA Saraswatee 46, Monseigneur Murphy Avenue Quatre Bornes 4258781
GAYA Indurdeo 9, Alfred Brown Avenue Quatre Bornes 425 1257
GAYA Geeaneswar 13, Thomy Rousset Street Rose Hill 464 5266
GENDOO Mohamad Ameen 11, Imam M. Hammad St, Camp Yoloff Port Louis 242 1149
GHANTY Shabbir Ahmed Ebrahim 14, Eugene Laurent Street Port Louis 4643484
GHANTY Mohamed Iqbal Ebrahim 36,Sir S. Ramgoolam St. Port Louis 2108346
GHEYI Sumir J. Nehru Hospital, Rose Belle  
GHOORAH Roshan Kumar Royal Road, Moka 433 4840
GHURBURRUN Prabhavathi Reunion Lane Floreal 686 5218
GIGABHOY Surendra 12, Avenue Des Flamants, Sodnac, Quatre Bornes 208 9699
GILL Dhir Inder Singh Ministry Of Health And Quality Of Life Port Louis 2011919
GNANY Guy Gerard Jacques Les Camphriers,3, Brown Sequard Ave Quatre Bornes 4259347
GOBIN Veekash 70, Clairfonds Road 3, Vacoas 6964290
GOBIN Premchun Royal Road Terre Rouge 2481972
GOBIN Bhurdeo 6, Lord Byron Street Beau Bassin 464 3726
GOEL Sunil Ministry Of Health And Quality Of Life Port Louis 2011919
GOLAMGOUSE Fazal Royal Road, Modern Square Vacoas 6879831
GOLAMNOBEE- FOONDUN Nazeerah Bibi 10, Latanier St, Cite Martial Port Louis 2413530
GOOLAMNOBEE Rafic One Way Street Saint Pierre 4334403
GOOLAUB S. S. Bassoodev Maharaz 102, Prince Of Wales Street Rose Hill 454 0886
GOOLJAR Vira Baitka Road, Mont Gout, Pamplemousses 9135821
GOOLJAR Usha Devi Solferino No.5, Solferino Vacoas 4244333
GOOLJAR Brijanan Solferino No. 5, Solferino Vacoas 424 4333
GOORAH Bharathi Hibiscus Lane, Rajcoomar Avenue, Quatre Bornes 4242627
GOORAH Smita Sulackshana Devi Prosper D'epinay Street, Curepipe Road 6963789
GOORAH Sanjay C/O H.Seetulsingh,154, Royal  Rd. Curepipe Road 6761319
GOORAH Rakeshwar 49, Main Road Creve Coeur 245 2624
GOORDOYAL Rajendranath Rochester Falls Road Surinam 625 5611
GOORDYAL Baboo Rameswarsingh Marie Jeannie Street Rose Belle 627 4170
GOPAL Woodalsingh 23, Dr. Reid Street Beau Bassin 464 8052
GOPAL Hurry Parsad 6th Floor, Silver Clouds, King Georges V Ave, Floreal 6765916
GOPAL Dhanraz 14, Silver Cloud, King George Vi Ave, Floreal 6865467
GOPALL Jayprakash Robinson Road, Curepipe 7723017
GOPAUL Solim 2, Jawarharlal Nehru Street Port Louis 212 0410
GOPAUL Rajesswari Phajoo Lane, Long Mountain 2450548
GOPAUL Balmik 105, Sir Celicourt Anthelme Ave. Quatre Bornes 424 2387
GOPEE Neerunjun 7, Higginson Street Curepipe 675 2382
GOPEE Ahmad Abdullah 18, Rue Arrighi Beau Bassin 454 1203
GOSWAMI Arpita 32, La Gaité Street, Port Louis  
GOSWAMY Rajat Krishan Radisson Hotel Pointe Aux Piments  
GOVINDAN Soobramanienn Angamootoo 56, Nicolay Street Port Louis 242 5812
GOWREESUNKER Moorleedharsingh 21, Avenue Surcouf Quatre Bornes 4246762
GOWREESUNKER Harini 21, Avenue Surcouf Quatre Bornes 424 6462
GOWREESUNKER Baboo Hemandranath Singh 6, Dr. H. Joomye Street Port Louis 2408930
GOWRY Satiss Clairfonds Road No 1 Vacoas 6961246
GOYAL Karnesh 24, Trianon No. 2, Sodnac Quatre Bornes 7319805
GUILLEMIN Paul Yves 11, Menagerie Street, Belle Village Port Louis 212 0293
GUJADHUR Vasantrao Ramsurrun Lane, Carreau Lalo Vallee Des Pretres 2403614
GUNESEE Maheswarnuth Hurryparsad 47b, Bernandin De St. Pierre Avenue Quatre Bornes 424 7944
GUNESEE Harichchha 47b, Bernardin De St. Pierre Ave. Quatre Bornes 425 2439
GUNESH Sanjiv Kumar Royal Road Mare D'albert 6275957
GUNESH Sadhanand Abbee De La Caille Street Curepipe Road 676 6488
GUNESSEE Rajenparsad 17, Michael Leal St., L. Convent St Curepipe 674 7995
GUNGADIN Sudesh Kumar Sir Hillary Blood St., Candos Quatre Bornes 424 6077
GUNGADIN Anand 66, Avenue Des Goyaviers, Quatre Bornes 4655670
GUNGAH Prithivraj Dwarkanath Deux Bras Road New Grove 6274720
GUNGAH Pradeepmanee Branch Road New Grove 627 4070
GUNGAH O.S.K. Kooshalanund 4, Av. Beau Sejour, Belle Rose Rose Hill 454 9274
GUNGAPERSAND Ushadevi Savanne Road, Pont Colville, Nouvelle France 7590794
GUNNESS Teeluck Kumar Arthur De Bissy Street Floreal 6863609
GUNNOO-KOWLESSUR Sanita Devi 108, Sir S. Ramgoolam Avenue Quatre Bornes 4241106
GUNNY Ahad 48, Tristan D'avice Avenue Quatre Bornes 425 4862
GUNPUTH Elena Petrovna 160, Ave. John Kennedy, Vacoas 6965673
GUPTA Rajiv Kumar Das S.S.R. Medical College, Belle Rive 7293643
GUPTA Vipin Kumar Victoria Hospital, Candos, Quatre Bornes 2011919
GUPTA Praveen Kumar S.S.R. National Hospital Pamplemousses  
GYARAM Hemraj 4, Emile Bouchet Street Port Louis 212 3316


HAJEE ABDOULA Abdul Latiff Adam Alli Mamode 11, Leoville L'homme Street Port Louis 242 0091
HAJEE ABDOULA Abdool Rashid Adam Alli Mamode 11, Leoville L'homme Street Port Louis 4547739
HAMUTH Yusoof The Vale Fond Du Sac  
HANSROD Shireen Claire Palmar Beach Trou D'eau Douce 415 1277
HANSROD Dawood Mahomed 14, Labourdonnais Avenue Quatre Bornes 425 2162
HARLAPUR Chandrashekhar Channabasappa Avenue Dorade, Trou Aux Biches 2657321
HARRIKARAN Inderlall Billy Pydiah Bld, Royal Road Chemin Grenier 6226667
HATTEEA Mahmad Saleem Ajam P.O Box 169 Port Louis 288 1049
HAWOLDAR Rihun Raz John Kennedy Avenue Vacoas 6864189
HEERAH Mohammud Shah Nawaz 31, Avenue Iqbal, Phoenix 6971872
HEERAMAN Dipuck 17, Monseigneur Murphy Avenue Quatre Bornes 425 5887
HEMOO Satanand 10, Avenue Telfair Quatre Bornes 4666346
HEMUTALLY Saira Banu 75, Royal Road Phoenix 696 0760
HENRY Monique Marie Christine Nelson Road, Grand Gaube 2881258
HIMMO Marwan Khalid 11, Groseilles Street, Morc. Rey, Pointe Aux Sables 7748216
HINGUN Cassam Haroon Pezzani Street, Floreal 696 0157
HOLLEE Mohammad Salim Colibri A27, La Tour Koenig Iii Pointe Aux Sables 2341584
HOODA Baljit Singh J. Nehru Hospital, Rose Belle  
HOOKOOM Balkissoon Railway Road Belle Vue Maurel 412 7614
HOOLOOMAN Kumari Nalini 31, Avenue Dodos, Sodnac Quatre Bornes 425 5873
HOSANEE Rajendra Mohun 29a, Avenue Paul Chasteau Vacoas  
HOSANY Mohammed Shaheed Noorany Visitation Med. Centre,La Caverne Vacoas 6968799
HOSANY Mohammade Nazeer 24, St Pierre Street Port Louis 241 9762
HOSANY Mohamed Nasser Mon Cine Riv Des Anguilles 6968799
HOSSEIN ALLY Sheik Mohammad Reza 18, Anderson James Forrester Street, Port Louis 2422366
HOSSENBACCUS Ahmad Market Road, Central Flacq 4132597
HOSSENBOCUS Mohammad Faizal Avenue Francois Mitterand, Centre De Flacq 4132742
HOW SAW KENG Patrick 36a, Volcy Pougnet Street Port Louis 212 6774
HULLOOWAN Vijayewantee Royal Road, Riche Mare, Flacq 4175023
HURDOWAR Rajendra Prasad 118, St. Jean Road, Ramdhur Blg. Quatre Bornes 4257783
HURRY Prakash 37a, Royal Road Goodlands 2835657
HURRY Dhyaneswar Mahatma Road Lallmatie 418 3428
HURRY-CHOUDHARY Preetee Kapisha 11, Avenue Flammant, Sodnac, Quatre Bornes 4246862
HUSNOO Mohammad Anwar 8, Avenue Belcourt, Morc. St. Jean Quatre Bornes 464 1676
HUSNOO Mohamad Tamraize 11, Osman Avenue, Quatre Bornes 4654093


IBRAHIM Mohammud Saleem 12, Sir Charles Lees Street, Curepipe  
IBRAHIM SAIB Nasser 22, Avenue Cassidy, Rose Hill  
IMRITH Vishwamitr Royal Road Lallmatie  
INAMDAR Madhuri B1, The Fkj Mansion, De Curson Street, Curepipe 6702047
INAMDAR Sameer B1, The F.K.J. Mansion, De Curson Street, Curepipe 6702047
INDERJEET Goolabsingh T.B.S. Lane Triolet 2612279
INDUR Khooshhal Royal Road, Morc Saint Andre 2616995
INDUR Avinash Royal Road, Morc Saint Andre 2616995
IP , O.S.K. Francois Saw Lan 185, Monseigneur Leen Avenue, Port Louis 2402525
ISSACK Mohammad Iqbal 19ter, Eugene Laurent Street Port Louis 212 3943
ISSIMDAR Beebee Sultana Royal Road Chemin Grenier 6256622
ISSIMDAR Abdool Nasser Royal Road Chemin Grenier 6226306
ISSURSING Radha Mohunsing 50, Hitchcock Avenue Quatre Bornes 454 5001


JACKARIA Abdool Carrim Abdool Satar 28, Duperre Avenue Quatre Bornes 425 4430
JAGARNATH Parmanun Tagore Lane, Mesnil Phoenix 696 6452
JAGESSUR Arye Kumar Dr Manilall Rd, Morc. St Andre Plaine Des Papayes 2617037
JAHANGEER Rashid 3, Trotter Street Beau Bassin 4547504
JAIN Rajiv Victoria Hospital, Candos, Quatre Bornes 2011919
JAINOODEEN Dawood Villa Chambly Lane Ii, Curepipe Road 2424974
JANABADI Kamlesh Royal Road Goodlands 283 9031
JANKEE Yasmin Kiran Kaur Shaila Seewoo 3, Colina Court, Bonne Terre Vacoas 4270672
JAUFEERALLY Khalid 2, Villa Lane, Moka 4334364
JAUFEERALLY Sheereen Villa Lane, Bon Air Moka 433 4064
JAUFEERALLY Bhaye Dawood 2, Villa Lane, Bon Air Moka 433 4364
JAUFFEERALLY Bhaye Adam Villa Lane, Bon Air Moka 433 4588
JAULIM Sheik Ally Hussein 9a, Pope Hennessy Street Curepipe 6750933
JAULIM Bibi Sheereen Banu 23, Club Road, Vacoas 6964109
JAULIM Azeemah Ben Nasseem 7, Leclezio Street Curepipe 6761426
JAUNBOCUS Kabed Etwatree Hall,Imp.Cure,Ave St Paul Vacoas 4227050
JAUNKY Kumul Chandr 3, Paul Et Virginie Street Pamplemousses 2433582
JAWAHEER Lawosingh 48, Queen Mary Avenue Floreal 686 4730
JAWAHEER Abdool Rahman 69, Avenue Victoria, Quatre Bornes 4658117
JAYPAUL Nardawoo 18, Jugroo Lane, Saint Paul Phoenix 696 6261
JEEBUN Bijaye Kumar George Guibert Street Floreal 696 8671
JEENAH Mahmadhussein 11c, Volcy Goupille Street Beau Bassin 464 2347
JEETOO Yusuf Mahomed 5, Rennards Street Beau Bassin 454 0558
JEETUN Rajend Royal Road, Laventure Flacq 4181398
JEETUN Poonam Allée Brillant, Floreal 696 2010
JEEWOONARAIN Dyamom Narain Palma Road Quatre Bornes 424 6531
JHALLA Shirishkumar Pritamlal Flacq Hospital Flacq 2011473
JHOTY Usha 22, Granum Road, Vacoas 6861586
JHUBOO Bika Seewoosunkur Barachois Tamarin 683 6472
JHUMMON Ouchita Royal Road, Arsenal, Terre Rouge 2488688
JHUMMON Govindranath Ajeetjee Queen Street Rose Hill 4542130
JHUMMON Chundurman Premjee 14, Blackburn Street Rose Hill 464 2310
JHUNDOO Bechun 97, Sir Virgile Naz Avenue Quatre Bornes 424 3764
JODHUN Lutchmee Abercrombie, Sainte Croix, Port Louis 2412132
JOOMAYE Sulleiman 2b, Queen Alexandra Street Beau Bassin 4653530
JOOMAYE Dildan Hussein 13, Belle Etoile Rd., Belle Etoile Coromandel 2338659
JOOMAYE Belal 6, Rue Barbeau, Rose Hill 4670147
JOOMUN Rachid Ally 41, Manguier Avenue, Quatre Bornes 4651392
JOOMUN Mamode Ibrahim Morc. Daureeawoo,Mosque Road Upper Vale 833 2279
JOOMUN Ashraff Mohammad Dilshaad 1, Labourdonnais Lane Curepipe Road 676 1753
JOOMYE Shehzaad Royal Road, Gentilly Moka 4334560
JOOMYE Mahmood 4c, Buswell Avenue Quatre Bornes 454 4476
JOOMYE Hassenjee 9, Rue Eugene Serret Rose Hill 454 3002
JOOMYE Aboo Bakar Royal Road, Gentilly, Moka 4334560
JOORAWON Aslam 79, Royal Road, Central Flacq 4139174
JOORAWON Anassooroulla 78, Royal Road Central Flacq 413 2623
JOWAHEER Munir Ahmad 14, Dr. Maurice Cure Street Rose Hill 4665165
JOWAHIR Mohammad Ishaq 12, Arnaud Street Beau Bassin 464 8238
JUGDUTH Ravindranath Jugduth Lane, La Caverne Vacoas 696 4249
JUGESSUR Rabindranath Kowlessur 207, Avenue Remy Ollier Quatre Bornes 424 2605
JUGESSUR Devendranath 10a, Captain Bruce Street, La Louise, Quatre Bornes 4241688
JUGESSUR Bimla 198, Avenue S.S. Ramgoolam, Quatre Bornes 2384086
JUGUN Kheeldass Royal Road, Mare D'albert 6275180
JUHOOR Safarally Khan 3, Brown Sequard Avenue Quatre Bornes 425 9404


KAILAYSUR Sumathi 8, Hospital Lane,Stanley Rose Hill 454 5537
KALACHAND Sham Kischinchan 8, Avenue Des Rosiers Quatre Bornes 454 1946
KALACHAND Santosh Shanker Kumar Kamal 10, Lees Street Curepipe 696 3741
KANDHAI Anusha Devi Royal Road, Montagne Blanche 4375102
KANODIA Sanjay Vimal Kumar C/O Mr. Kasseean, Hospital Road, Central Flacq 7708911
KANODIA Sanjay Kavita C/O Mr. Kasseean, Hospital Road, Central Flacq 7708911
KANOWAH Eshan Cardinal N0 1,Morcellement Raffray Pailles 2088551
KANOWAH Aboo Samah Savanne Road Nouvelle France 677 8626
KARAMBHE Jayant Kumar Sandona, Trou Aux Biches 2011919
KAROOA Aswinee Kumar 272, Bassin Road, Quatre Bornes 4246513
KARWANI Raj Kumar Victoria Hospital, Candos, Quatre Bornes 2011919
KASENALLY Habibullah Morc. Boucan, Nalletamby Road Phoenix 686 5501
KASENALLY Abu Twalib Ave Swami Sivananda,Clairdonds No.3 Vacoas 426 4823
KAUROO Farard Royal Road Surinam 6256105
KAVERIPAKKAM Narendra Babu 3rd Floor, Flat Ganoo, V. Pougnet Street, Port Louis  
KEENOO Yousouf Rue Suffren Mahebourg 631 9792
KEENOO Mahmad Saleem Royal Road Chemin Grenier 622 6554
KEENOO Hashim Royal Road, Chemin Grenier 6226625
KEENOO Aboo Sidick 21bis, Ernestkillen Street Port Louis 2102410
KEENOO Abdool Motalib 8, Higginson Street, Curepipe 6753850
KEETARUT Shrishchandr Brizen 43, Sir Celicourt Antelme St. Rose Hill  
KEMRAZ Maydut 12o, Sir Guy Forget Avenue Quatre Bornes 424 1O35
KENGUVA Madan Mohan Rao 21, Terney Street, Port Louis  
KHADAROO Ziad Cassoomally Lane, Central Flacq 7632632
KHADAROO Samsuddin Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Creve Coeur, Rodrigues 2482471
KHADAROO Mohammed Hanza Yousouf 15, Le Conte De Lisle Avenue Quatre Bornes 464 5163
KHADAROO Devi 15, Le Conte De Lisle Avenue Quatre Bornes 464 5163
KHADUN Rajnee 01, Soubash Road, Lallmatie  
KHAIDOO Amna Mehleen 36b, Lenepveu Street Port Louis 2421934
KHAN Bushra Clinique Medisave, 29, Route St. Jean, Quatre Bornes 4277000
KHARE Surabhi Dextra Lane, Trou Aux Biches 4648696
KHETERPAL Hemant Flacq Hospital, Flacq 2011919
KHETERPAL Alka Bramakumari Lane, Central Flacq 4132694
KHODABACUS - GUJADHUR Bibi Alimah Ramsurrun Lane, Carreau Lalo Vallee Des Pretres 2420002
KHODABOCUS Sajidkhan 12, Shand Street, Beau Bassin 4542019
KHODABOCUS Mohammad Reza 5, Koenig Lane, Morc. Chambord St. Paul, Phoenix 6979393
KHODABOCUS Fazil Mahmad Cr. Patel/Lekning Sts, Mare Gravier Beau Bassin 454 5462
KHOODORUTH Yousouf Abdoul Azize 31, Celicourt Antelme Avenue, Quatre Bornes 4677807
KHOOSEEA Satty Kreetanand Maharishi Lane,Camp Ithier Central Flacq  
KIM CURRAN Vikramsingh Camp Rouillard, Eau Coulee, Curepipe Road 6968476
KIM TIAM FOOK CHONG Dhin kien Avenue John Kennedy Vacoas And Corner St Paul Vacoas 6863340
KNIPPER Patrick Roger Francois C/O Birger Coastal Road, Pointe Aux Canonniers, Grand Baie 2638640
KODABACCUS Mahmud Aslam Avenue Des Vergues,Glen Park Vacoas 686 6629
KODABACCUS Mahmad Aniff 126, Monseigneur Leen Street Port Louis 2120040
KOLAROV Emil Nicolaev 1, Doctors Quarters, Ssrnh Pamplemousses 2434661
KOO LAP HING Koo Khim Shian C/O Mr. Kassean, Hospital Road, Central Flacq  
KOOLWANT Bindoomatee 32, Avenue Corious, Rose Hill 4646628
KOONIREDDI Geeta Vani J. Nehru Hospital Rose Belle 7405727
KOONJA Vivekanand Boulet Rouge Central Flacq 413 2071
KOONJAH Goorooduth Casquette Avenue,Palma Road Quatre Bornes 424 2225
KOUSSOUGBO Ouma Devi Kaudeer Lane, Pamplemousses 2418230
KOUSSOUGBO Koku Sossou Kaudeer Lane, Pamplemousses 2433325
KOWLESSUR Uma Devi Old Station Road Rose Belle 627 4223
KOWLESSUR Dhanilall Old Station Road Rose Belle 627 4223
KUMAR Shushant Flacq Hospital Flacq  
KUMAR Satendra 2, Larcher Road, Rose Hill 4641864
KUMAR Rajiv 23-B, Cemetry Road, Solferino, Vacoas 6970971
KUMAR Deepak Solferino No. 3, Vacoas 7325630
KUMAR Bhupinder Dextra Lane, Trou Aux Biches 4648696
KUMAR Awadhesh S.S.R. National Hospital Pamplemousses  
KUNDOMAL Amrita Floreal Road, Vacoas 6984966
KUNJIDA PAADHUM Ganes C/O Mrs. R. Seesurun, Bois Cheri Road, Moka 4331268
KUPPUSWAMI Kumar Bougainville Lane Curepipe Road 6740390
KUREEMUN Reshma Royal Road, St. Julien Village, Union Flacq 4183926
KUREEMUN Bibi Rawzia Clairfonds No. 1, Ramputh Lane, Phoenix  
KUREEMUN Abdool Mahaboob St Julien Village, Union Flacq 4128710
KUSRUTSING Munhurry 267, Royal Road Rose Hill 4650842
KUT MOY CHEUNG Khoy Chong 19, Morc. Coprin, Baie Du Tombeau 242 4527


LAI HANG TSANG Lai Shyan Pharmacie Ideale, St. Jean Road, Quatre Bornes 4545445
LAI TUNG Jeekong Gerard 37 Bis Dr. Eugene Laurent St, Port Louis 2123951
LALLAH Ramlochun 9, Geranium Flats,Malherbe Street Curepipe 674 6466
LALLJEE Tekraz Holyrood N0 1 Road Vacoas 686 7783
LALLMAHOMED Iqbal Mahmad 56, Villa Chambly Curepipe Road 676 2644
LAM CHAM KEE Christopher Kune Fee 5, Independence Street, Port Louis 2125831
LAM THUON MINE Lim Ting Kwong 65, Avenue Ylang Ylang Quatre Bornes 4544512
LAM THUON MINE Lim Liat Kwong L. H. Le Roc Village, Pailles 4650218
LAN CHEONG WAH Lan Thiam Shin 75,Sir S. Ramgoolam Street Port Louis 240 5798
LAN CHEONG WAH Lan Sem Hing 75, Sir S. Ramgoolam Street Port Louis 240 1775
LAN CHEONG WAH Lan Man Hiew 10, Enniskillen Lane Port Louis 208 4788
LAN CHEONG WAH Lan Kien Tin 51, Volcy Pougnet Street Port Louis 2100102
LANG PING NAM Tchye Youn 13, Cite Jules Koenig Beau Bassin 4544564
LARUE Jacques Amedee 03, Wellington Street, Port Louis 212 6251
LAU HING KWONG Lan Nee Foong 2e, Gayasing Street, Port Louis 2428828
LAW MIN Law Yuck 18, Mayer Street Port Louis 208 1782
LEE SHEE WE Shung Shing Royal Road Coromandel  
LEUNG KUNE CHONG Francois Tat Yuen 59, Volcy Pougnet Street Port Louis 2119408
LEUNG SHING Edouard 55, Rue Emmanuel Anquetil, Port Louis 233 4794
LEUNG TANG Therese Andre 70a, Rue D'entrecasteaux Port Louis 208 2538
LEUTERITZ Antoine Jean Marie Morcellement Bismic, Gardens Street, Flic - En - Flac 4538473
LI KAM WA Denis Li Ting Fon 25, Jummah Mosque Street Port Louis 240 3137
LI LOONG That Chong 1002, Orhcard Tower, Quatre Bornes 4249757
LI SUI FONG Li Kwong Yoong 19, Charles Jolivet Street Beau Bassin 464 3470
LI SUNG SANG Lee Kiang Tek 33, Queen Mary Avenue, Floreal 2080893
LI YIM Fee Lien Sylvie 1a, Reverand Lebrun Street, Rose Hill 4643539
LI YIM Chen On 1a, Rev. Lebrun Street Rose Hill 4643539
LIM AH KEN Sow Yan Coombes Lane Vacoas 696 6853
LIMALIA Aboobakar Mahmad Mugguet Ave, Morc. Raffray, Le Hochet, T. Rouge, Port Louis 2403805
LOCK SON Keong Chao Ah Yee 23c, Rue St. Clement, Curepipe 627 4448
LOTUN-AUMEER Nasseema Begum 8d, Dupuis Lane 1, Floreal 696 3738
LUCHMAH Sewchund Bharuth Lane Lallmatie 412 7681
LUCHMAN Chettundranath 4, Avenue Des Perdrix,Sodnac Quatre Bornes 4247395
LUCHMUN Dharamraj Forbach Road, L'esperance Trebuchet, Poudre D'or 2645416
LUCHOO Jairajsing Dr. Manilall Street Morc. Saint Andre 2619494
LUCKHEENARAIN Dheerun 6, Gladstone Street Rose Hill 454 2137
LUCKHEERAM Rishi Vishal Filao Road, Roche Noires, Riviere Du Rempart 4115054
LUCKNAUTH Gundraj Pandit 16eme Mille, Forest Side 6645522
LUCKRAZ Heyman 113a,Ave Carangues, Morc Blue Bay Blue Bay 6318342
LUTCHMEAH Daulat Habib 26b, Club Road Vacoas 686 6930
LUTCHMUN Deojendra Sen Ritish Malherbes Lane, Curepipe 6765503
LUTCHMUN Nikolina Todorova Impasse Cassis, Morc. Carlos Tamarin 6836006
LUTCHMUN Dweejendra 3c, Dr. Edwards Street Curepipe Road 6972534
LYSKINA Svetlana Anatolevna Dr. Manilall Street Morc Saint Andre 2619494


MADELEINE Louis Pierre Jean-François 6, Rue Sivananda, Mahebourg 6315250
MADHOU Dharmraj 7th Mile, Royal Road Triolet 261 5540
MAGHOO Samsoodeen 37, Avenue Des Goyaviers Quatre Bornes 454 1388
MAHABOOB Sheriff Derningham Street,8eme Mille Triolet 261 6644
MAHADEA Santaram Royal Road Quartier Militaire 4356343
MAHADEO Vinay Kumar Vinodha Lane Lallmatie 418 3208
MAHAMED HUSSAIN Ootbah Grande Retraite Bon Accueil  
MAHARAHAJE Somnath Panday Woogra 82, Ave Des Goyaviers,Morc. St Jean Quatre Bornes 454 9150
MAHARAHAJE Shri Bindoomuttee Silajee 82, Ave Des Goyaviers,Morc. St Jean Quatre Bornes 454 9150
MAHDER Rishi Rao 34, Clairfonds Branch Road, Vacoas 6961925
MAHOMEDALY Hassam 80, Route Des Pamplemousses Port Louis 242 4540
MAIGROT OSK, MBE Julia Constance Rue Re Hart, Noelville, Curepipe 6755103
MAIYALAGAN Sundaresan 19, Dr. Mayers Street, Floreal 6986036
MAMODEBACCUS Sheik Shafi Tristan D'avice Avenue Quatre Bornes 4256033
MAMOOJEE Abedah Moussa 108, Royal Road Beau Bassin 4663186
MANGAR Taj Ignace 101, Prince Of Wales Street Rose Hill 454 2550
MANGOU Mamode Nasser 37, P.J. Nehru Avenue, Phoenix 6863833
MANGROO Devendre Riambel Coast Road Surinam 6255328
MANNA Virmala 15, Alfred Brown Avenue Quatre Bornes 425 9345
MANNA Rameshchandra 15, Alfred Brown Avenue Quatre Bornes 425 9345
MANRAJ Shyam Shunker Angus Rd, Morc. Senneville Vacoas 6963771
MANRAJ Ashok Anand Morc. Senneville, Angus Road Vacoas 6963536
MANSOOR Ibrahim Mahomed 50,Sir S. Ramgoolam Street Port Louis 2402515
MARATHE Nitish Dayanand Ent Hospital Vacoas  
MARDEMOOTOO Vijayen 14, Rue Maurice Cure Rose Hill 4643908
MAREACHEALEE Shobha 22, Ave. Des Manguiers, Quatre Bornes 4543208
MARIE-JEANNE Jacques Michael 5, Camelia Street, Route Terasson, Pointe Aux Sables 2344051
MATABUDUL Hoopmanun 13, Hollyrood Road Vacoas 6843329
MATADEEN Dharamdeo 24, Avenue D'epinay Quatre Bornes 4646114
MATHOORAH Vijay Kumar 56b, Prosper D'epinay Street Curepipe Road 686 7755
MAUDARBACCUS Anifa Bibi 55, Ternay Street Port Louis 212 2209
MAUDARBOCUS Siddick Newry Building,85, Saint Jean Road Quatre Bornes 424 5092
MAUDARBOCUS Sahid 48, John. F. Kennedy Street Vacoas 696 5309
MAUDHOO Madan Mohan Karmavir 65, Belle Rose Avenue Belle Rose 464 8031
MAUDHOO Capooravally 73, Belle Rose Avenue Quatre Bornes 464 8031
MAULIK Kaushik Ministry Of Health And Quality Of Life Port Louis 2011919
MAUNGOO Ibrahim 34, Goa Street Port Louis 242 0352
MAUNKEE Omprakash Lall Bahadur Shastri Street Candos,Quatre Bornes 4274119
MAURICE Jean Cyril France Serge Unit 50/51, Georgetown, St Jean Rd Quatre Bornes 4548053
MAY Christiane Helga Doctors' Quarters, Ssrn Hospital, Pamplemousses  
MAY Bryony Jane Illot Fortier, Riviere Noire 4835653
MEENA Ganesh Singh J. Nehru Hospital Rose Belle 2011919
MEENAKSHI Subramanian School Road, Bon Acceuil, Brisee Verdiere  
MENAGE Marie Joseph Nicolas Royal Road Cap Malheureux 2636266
MERENKOV Zeyd Ahmad Ali 1e, Impasse Captain Charles Bruce, Rose Hill 4674233
MISHRA Vineet J. Nehru Hospital Rose Belle 2011919
MISHRA Jai Kant 4, Mayer Street, Port Louis 7736194
MITRA Swati C/O Mr. R. Seesurun, Bois Cheri Road, Bois Cheri 4331268
MODUN Renouka Devi 15, Avenue Mallefille, B.Rose Rose Hill 464 9725
MODUN Rabindranath Ji Chapman Hill, Royal Road Beau Bassin 454 1608
MODUN Krishnaduth 41, Avenue Rossignols, Sodnac, Quatre Bornes 4251393
MOGUN Deolall 1b, Raoul Lejeune Street, Beau Bassin 4657361
MOHABEER Vishwas Teelucksingh Royal Road St. Julien D'hotman 4168257
MOHAMADHOSEN Yaneez 22, Rue Maurice Poupard, Port Louis 2417328
MOHAMADHOSEN Imteaz 22, Maurice Poupard Street, Port Louis 2417328
MOHAMEDBHAI Atiabai Goolamhussein Impasse Concord Shivananda Street, Rose Hill 454 7351
MOHAMMAD Shakir Flacq Hospital Flacq 2011919
MOHANTY Sanjay Kumar Doctor's Quarters No. 9, S.S.R.N. Hospital Pamplemousses  
MOHEE Sureka Devi Marie Jeannie Street Rose Belle 627 4786
MOHEE Narsing Marie Jeannie Street Rose Belle 627 4786
MOHITH Jagdis Chundur Le Park Lane, Ave. Buswell, Quatre Bornes 424 2084
MOHITH Anil Bhushan L'avenir Saint Pierre 433 4345
MOHITH-DE MUINCK KEIZER Eleanor Elisabeth L'avenir, St Pierre  
MOHUNGOO Muhammad Javed 91, Sodnac Avenue, Quatre Bornes 4546436
MOHUNGOO Abdool Rashid Impasse Rennards, Beau Bassin 4543054
MOHUNGOO Abdool Khalick 56, Tristan D'avice Avenue Quatre Bornes 425 6615
MOKHASHI Rohini C/O Bengali, Belasse Ave, Morc Sodnac, Quatre Bornes 7774499
MOKOONLALL Anand 13, Avenue Des Alouettes, Sodnac Quatre Bornes 424 2792
MOLAHALLI Anil Kumar Hedge Medpoint Hospital, Solferino 4267777
MONEBHURRUN Nundhun Shivala Road Montagne Blanche 437 5396
MONVOISIN Paul Maxwell 197, Ave Sir S. Ramgoolam Quatre Bornes 4654917
MOOLLAN Oomar Cassam 21 Stanley Avenue, Quatre Bornes 4248004
MOOLLAN Issop Adam Royal Road Moka 433 4567
MOONEGAN Balakisnen 25, Avenue Laperousse Belle Rose 454 5430
MOONESAMY Vadivel Camp Fouquereaux Phoenix 6967509
MOORABY Dalila Avenue Tristan D'avice Quatre Bornes 696 6402
MOOROOTEEA Mehta Raaka Rai Solferino No. 2, Vacoas 4245443
MOOSBALLY Bhai Imran 35, Rur Hibiscus, Montreal Ii Coromandel 2334478
MOOSSUN Hassam 9, Avenue John Kennedy Vacoas 686 4717
MOOTHIA Canagasavay Railway Road, Long Mountain 2452247
MOOTHIEN PILLAY Oxana Aleksandrovna Dr. MAXIME REMI ROAD, Roche Brunes  
MOOTHIEN PILLAY Ramachandra Dr. MAXIME REMI ROAD, Roche Brunes 4548741
MOOTHIEN PILLAY Rama Krishna Dr. Maxime Remi St, Roches Brunes Beau Bassin 454 8741
MOOTIEN PILLAY Homa Fed 1 Mont Venus, Rodrigues 696 6777
MOOTIEN-PILLAY Selvapragassen La Hausse De La Louviere St. Floreal 696 6777
MOSAHEB Mohammud Hariff 51, Morcellement Montreal Coromandel 233 4795
MOSAHEB Farouk 43, Abbe De Rouleddes Street Port Louis 2118743
MOSAHEB Abdool Rasheed 7, Rue Gustave Collin, Forest Side  
MOSAHEB Abdool Carrim Royal Road Quartier Militaire 4355889
MOTAY Paramasiven 95, Morcellement Bismic Flic - En - Flac 453 8719
MOTI Shaywin 26, Club Road, Vacoas 6964020
MOTOLALL Ramawadhsingh Colombo Road, Long Mountain 2453882
MOUSSA Mohammad Fazil 10a, Strafford  Mayer Avenue, Plaisance Rose Hill 4667766
MOUTOU Joseph Désiré Evenor Gerard 9e, Auguste Esnouf Street, Curepipe 6752037
MOVSISYAN Artur 15, Chemin De La Colline, Pte Aux Canonniers 2579232
MOWLAH Inayat Sameer Royal Road, Belvedere, Lallmatie 4180718
MUDHOO Robindranath 174, Sir Celicourt Antelme Avenue Quatre Bornes 4642860
MUDHOO - RUMJEET Sheila Flat No. 7, Mont Royal, Swami Sivananda Street, Rose Hill 5861018
MUGON Parassar 39, Avenue Hitchcock Quatre Bornes 464 3016
MUKAR Mohinder Singh Ministry Of Health And Quality Of Life Port Louis 2011919
MUKUNDAN Ashish Flat F12 Trou Aux Biches 7697239
MUNBODH Prabodh Club Road Vacoas 686 1245
MUNDIL Romila 11, Monseigneur Leen Street Beau Bassin 4641624
MUNDIL Rohan Nitten 11, Monseigneur Leen Street Beau Bassin 454 4714
MUNGLY Khaalid Bin Reza 10b, Mellish Lane, Forest Side, Curepipe  
MUNGRA Nandkeswhar 3, Jackson Street, Palma Road, Quatre Bornes 674 2298
MUNGROO Mohammad Nizam Mandir Road, Riambel, Surinam 6257483
MUNGROOSING Mila Devi 1st Lane, Queen Mary Avenue Floreal 6965966
MUNGUR Luckshmanraj Shivala Road, L'adventure 4184817
MUNGUR Rajendra Kumar Camp Ithier Central Flacq 4134218
MUNGUR Neerunjun Mohabeer 8, Avenue Des Goyaviers Quatre Bornes 464 6298
MUNJAL Rohit 10, Caroline Road, Vallee Des Pretes, Port Louis  
MUNJEDA Rajesh C/O Dr. Poonam Jeetun, Allee Brillant, Castel 6962010
MUNNEE Krishna Reservoir Road, Camp Fouquereaux 7629237
MUNROOP Ned No. 5, Seeneevassen Street, Trefles, Rose Hill 2636924
MUNSHI Nikhl Sushil 4, Malherbes Street, Curepipe 6702048
MUNSHI Nirupa Nikhil 4, Malherbes Street, Curepipe 6702048
MURDAY Sandragassen Syamba 9, Queen Street Rose Hill 454 7317
MURDAY Meiyanum Shummogum A.P. 3, Murday Lane, Vacoas 696 5505
MURUGAN Nigum Jacaranda Street, Balisson Rose Belle 7837544
MUSTUN Hassen Lisley Geoffroy, Camp Bouvette, Curepipe 6763894


NABABSING Nitisha 4, Hennessy Lane Quatre Bornes 454 4879
NABEEBUX Mariambee 44, Perimbee Street Port Louis 241 9912
NABEEBUX Mamode Raffic 44, Perimbe Street Port Louis 241 9912
NAGA Suresh Clinic Candos, Candos Quatre Bornes 4257711
NAGA Mridula 8, Avenue Nandous,Sodnac Quatre Bornes 425 9327
NAGALINGUM Soorianunden 102, Avenue Des Talipots Quatre Bornes 454 7972
NAGALINGUM Siva Soondari Ammal 102, Avenue Des Talipots Quatre Bornes 454 7972
NAHABOO Reschad 13a, Harvais Lane,Victoria Ave. Quatre Bornes 4253445
NAIK Rabindranath Thumba Oudesh 10, Avenue Cardinal,Sodnac Quatre Bornes 425 1950
NAIKEN Surennaidoo Perumal 14, Avenue Anquetil, Trefles, Rose Hill 4546480
NAIKEN Gopali Sama 14, Anquetil Avenue, Trefles Rose Hill 454 6480
NAIKEN Bedeenaidoo Perumal 14, Avenue Anquetil,Trefles Rose Hill 454 6480
NAKHUDA Shabbir Ahmed 64, Sir Virgile Naz Street Port Louis 2403647
NANHUCK Mohammud Hussein 2, Darwin Avenue. Quatre Bornes 424 6858
NAOJEE Ambedhkar Shantaram 40, Clement Charoux Street Beau Bassin 454 09O3
NARAIDOO Ana Del Carmen 10, Raoul Lejeune Street Beau Bassin 454 2380
NARAYANEN Nandagopen 5, Wilson Road Vacoas 696 2549
NARRAINEN Sadha Po Box 193, Rose Hill 4671620
NATH VARMA Jnyanandra Nath Siddha Ashram21,Eperviers Av,Sodnac Quatre Bornes 4256117
NAUJEER Mohammad Swale Hoossen Royal Road Montagne Blanche 4375134
NAWOOR Ismat Dawood Ismael Impasse Merle, Brown Sequart Str, Curepipe 676 1539
NAYUDU S.N.V.V.S. Suresh Kumar J. Nehru Hospital Rose Belle 7405727
NAZIR Sayed Nizan Sayed Abdull Rashid 28, Labourdonnais Street Port Louis 2111264
NEETOO Yaseen 16b, Rennards Street Beau Bassin 2334314
NEETOO Maura 16, Rennards Street Beau Bassin 4545193
NEEWOOR Roodraslen 14, Avenue Des Eperviers, Sodnac Quatre Bornes 425 7019
NEPTUNE-MADELEINE Marie Joyce Christina Sakla Lane, Gebert Rose Belle 7127797
NG CHENG HIN Philip 19, Royal Street, P.O. Box 28, Port Louis 2083023
NG CHENG HIN Kevin Ambrose 34, Reverend Lebrun Street Beau Bassin 4646026
NG CHIENG HIN Steve Miow Cheong 95, Philip Blackburn Street, Roche Brunes Beau Bassin 4650902
NG FAT CHEUNG Jean Claude Maurel Lane, Lees Street Curepipe 676 3805
NG HING CHEUNG Maxime Cr St Joseph & Sir C.Antelme Sts. Rose Hill 464 5724
NG KEE KWONG Kwet Kian 4b, Edwin Ithier Street Rose Hill 464 1906
NG KEE KWONG Kwet Khiat 25, Dumat Street Beau Bassin 454 8213
NG KUET LEONG Brigitte Margarethe Ursula Cr Stevenson/Virgile Naz Aves. Quatre Bornes 424 5471
NG KUET LEONG Ah Piang Mario Cr Stevenson/Virgile Naz Aves. Quatre Bornes 424 5471
NG LUNG KIT Ham Koung Clinique Mauricienne Reduit 4543061
NG MAN SUN Ti Sen 17, Dauphine Street Port Louis 2125511
NG SING KWONG Kwet Hian 39, Terrasson Avenue Pointe Aux Sables 208 1737
NG YING KIN Ng Fat Kwong Luc 18, Clos Verger, Rose Hill 4547316
NOBEEBUX Youssouf Morc. Balgobin,Sivananda Road Rose Hill 454 3636
NOEL Daniel Charles 13, Rue Du Couvent De Lorette Curepipe Road 6705309
NOORDALLY Santa Dilmahomed Building, La Louise Quatre Bornes 4259515
NOORDALLY Pamela 27, Vacoas Road, La Louise Quatre Bornes 4259515
NOORDALLY Mohamed Hossen Reschad Morc. Gidc, Dupuy Lane, Reunion S.E., Vacoas 6972910
NOORMAHOMED Hashim 38, Duperre Avenue Quatre Bornes 425 4259
NUCKCHADY Taariq Hussein 13, Tranquille Street, Port Louis 2413976
NUJURALLY Mohammad Ismail 1, Bis Charles Lees Street, Rose Hill 4674267
NUNDLALL Tilochun Ram 92, Club Road Vacoas 686 5244
NUNDLALL Philippe Rabindranath Royal Road Triolet 261 6620
NUNDLALL Lutchmeeparsad ROYAL ROAD, 8e MILLE TRIOLET 261 6620
NUNDLOLL Subodhananda Vyas 21, Willoughby Avenue Quatre Bornes 424 6676
NUNDLOLL Dewanund 235, Camp Fouquereaux Phoenix 696 1133
NUNDOO Surendrasingh Avenue Brown Sequard, Solferino Vacoas 696 5306
NUNDOO Pravind Kumar Royal Road Bon Accueil 4183989
NUNDOOCHAN Koshlendr 33, Eugene Laurent Street Port Louis 212 1943


OARIS Lata Dawood 17, Patel Flats,Leclezio St Curepipe 675 7740
OARIS Dawood 17, Patel Flats, Leclezio St Curepipe 675 7740
OGANESYAN Anna Medical Centre, Royal Road, Pointe Aux Cannoniers 2655028
OODALLY Farida Bibi 6, Avenue Des Coriolis Rose Hill 464 1110
OODIT Ramesh Jugmohun 42, Chateau D'eau St. Tranquebar Port Louis 2085225
OODUN Prabhu Paramatman Royal Road Pamplemousses 243 3589
OOGARAH Pravin Kumar Mon Desir Vacoas 426 6811
OOGORAH Krishnaduth 31, Avenue Des Flamands,Sodnac Quatre Bornes 424 6670
OOMAR Mohammad Yehiya 42, Route Jardin, Curepipe 676 4687
OOZEERALLY Imran 13, Bernadin De St. Pierre Ave. Quatre Bornes 454 9222
OOZEERKHAN Rayhan Khan 78, Sir Edgar Laurent St Port Louis 245 2589
OOZEERKHAN Abdool Raoufkhan 6, Railway Lane, Ave Ollier Rose Hill 4668113
OREE Prithviraj Ramnarain Road, Cottage 2666168
ORI Bhooshun 22, Avenue Des Ibis Quatre Bornes 4256565
OSMAN Abdul Hassan Azad Mahomed 10, Rue Azor Adelaide Vacoas 686 1102
OSMAN - ABOOBAKER Fahmida Racing Club Road, Trianon Quatre Bornes 454 5803
OWADALLY Waheeda Sultana 36, Avenue Des Talipots, Quatre Bornes 4673962
OWADALLY Haroon Rashid 26, Meldrum Street Beau Bassin 454 3853


PAC SOO SHIA KIM NIEN Rue Marianne Mahebourg 631 9541
PAKEEREE Shanmoogum Sam La Mivoie Tamarin 4642640
PARAOUTY Nashreen Bano Royal Road, Phoenix 696 3339
PARAPURATH Ajit Kumar C/O Ajay Kumar Khetoo, Royal Road, Bramsthan, Central Flacq 4165953
PARATIAN Uvarajen Govindah Corner Of Green Ave, Angus Lane, Vacoas 6965401
PARATIAN Narainsamy Comrasamy Butte A L'herbe, Sable (Ii), Grand Gaube 6965401
PARRICK Valentina Alfredovna 55, Emmanuel Anquetil Street Port Louis 2428693
PARSURAMEN Kovila Old Mill Road, Pereybere 2635915
PATEL Sameer Natwarlal J. Nehru Hospital Rose Belle  
PATEL Ishac Mohammad 46, D'artois Street Port Louis 2105661
PATEL Ashfaq Ahmad Abdul Hamid 47a, Rue Trotter Beau Bassin 454 1173
PATEL Alpa Sameer J. Nehru Hospital Rose Belle  
PATHACK Amita Mohabeer La Hausse De La Louviere St. Floreal 696 6006
PATIL Nitin 3, Doctors' Quarters, Ssrn Hospital Pamplemousses  
PAUVADAY Keyvoobalan Morcellement Darsy Forest Side 627 4124
PEERALLY Mahmad Farhad 72, Royal Road Phoenix 696 3147
PEERALLY Hawah Bi Lilla Kohinoor, Ave. Berthaud Quatre Bornes 686 7062
PEERALLY Amunoollah Mamode Areff 65, Camp Fouquereaux Phoenix 696 7641
PEERALLY Ahmad Noorani Chamrah Royal Road Surinam 625 5045
PEERALLY Abdoolah 26a, Poivre Street, Beau Bassin 696 4603
PEERBUX Mussood Royal Road Camp Diable 626 2377
PEERBUX Mohamud Raffick Royal Road Camp Diable 6263291
PEERMAMODE Mustoopha Brown Sequart Str, Morc Bollouguet, Curepipe 6966859
PEEROO Abd-El Rahman 1, Eugene Serret, Rose Hill 4646083
PEEROO Muhammad Irshaad Aadil Cecil Hall Avenue, Quatre Bornes  
PEEROO Rukaia 1, Eugene Serret Street Rose Hill 4646083
PEEROO Rubeena Bibi 66, Etienne Pellereau Str Port Louis 2401714
PEEROO Mustapha Hemmad Ameerally Lane, Mesnil Phoenix 696 4696
PEEROO Hassam Cecil Hall Avenue Quatre Bornes 454 3486
PEEROO Bhye Mohammud Cassam 1, Eugene Serret Street Rose Hill 4646083
PEEROO Ahamud Hussein 5d, Anderson Street Curepipe 676 5837
PERMALA Harvind 3, Vingta Road, Solferino 6861621
PETIT Hélène Emilie Véronique Morcellement Dalais, Rue Lees, Curepipe 4339867
PETKAR Kashinath Parisot Street, Mesnil                                         Phoenix 6976763
PHOOLCHUND Harry Newton 6, Avenue Des Goyaviers                                  Quatre Bornes 464 4108
PIAT Pierre Joseph Evenor Royal Road,                                                        Moka 4334296
PIAT Bernard Joseph Evenor La Mivoie,                                                           Tamarin 2073093
PILLAI Devaraj Keser-I-Hind 5a, Dr. Edwin Ythier Street,                                Rose Hill 4646308
PILLAY Diogenes Renganaden 15, Avenue Victoria,                                          Quatre Bornes 212 0702
POINOOSAWMY Mala Prince Of Wales Road                                        Triolet 261 5078
PONNOOSAMY Renganaden 7, Jusitce Street,                                                Port Louis 2102947
POOLEE COOTEE Nessen 12, Columbia St, Morc, Lacomete                      Roches Brunes 464 1384
POOLOO Ashraf Aly 25, Goomany Street                                           Port Louis 242 3163
POONOOSAMY PADIACHY Paramasiven 344, Royal Road, Val. Des Pretes                      Port Louis 2163844
POONYTH Lochun 6, Malartic Avenue, P.O.Box 122                       Quatre Bornes 425 8013
POONYTH Lalita Flamboyant Rd,L'esperance Trebuchet             Poudre D'or 2641308
POORUN Vinita Devi 12, Ambrose Street                                            Rose Hill 4656262
POORUN Swaran Bala 6, Louis Nellan Avenue                                      Quatre Bornes 4241917
POORUN Swagath 12, Ambrose Street                                            Rose Hill 4646836
POTEERAM Aruna Royal Road                                                         Triolet  
PRADHAN Parag Arvind 12, Vavid House, Independence Street,              Vacoas 7683389
PRASAD Prakash Seewoo 35, Wellington Avenue                                       Quatre Bornes  
PRASAD Seewoo 35, Wellington Avenue                                       Quatre Bornes 424 3541
PRASAD Bugudanahalli Narasappa 17, Inkerman Street,                                           Rose Hill 4652925
PUDDOO Dayaram Jayaram 3, Avenue Colville, Belle Rose                           Quatre Bornes 4666680
PULTON Aravind Kumar 15b, Volcy Goupille Street,                                 Beau Bassin 4678532
PURAHOO Hemchandralall Ave. Bradshaw/Guy Rozemont, Trefles              Rose Hill 464 8615
PURMANAN Dushyant Dissipal 78, Derby Street,                                                Forest Side 6741446
PURMESSUR Shyam Nundun Singh 51, Lees Street                                                   Curepipe 676 1215
PURMESSUR Mahesh Nundun Singh 292, Royal Rd, Morc. De Grandpre                     Forest Side 674 2378
PURMESSUR Jagjivan Ram Takoorparsad 328, John Kennedy Avenue, Diolle                     Vacoas 696 2376
PURRAN, O.S.K. Anil Kumar John F. Kennedy Avenue                                   Floreal 686 4395
PURRYAG Rishi Raj 7, Purryag Lane, Castel,                                     Phoenix 6864609
PURUSRAM Gunsham Bassin Road,                                                     Quatre Bornes 4241551
PYNDIAH Shagoonawatee Bank Road                                                         Goodlands 283 7933
PYNEEANDEE Veyasen No 12, Societe Mon Plaisir, Gentilly,                  Moka 4330361


RADHAKEESOON Boodhiman 9, Osman Avenue                                              Quatre Bornes 454 7488
RAGAVOODOO Seetana Ragavoodoo Lane, La Marie,                             Vacoas 6862641
RAGAVOODOO Chinien La Marie, P.O. Box 7                                          Vacoas 696 4842
RAGHOO Sohan Boulet-Rouge,                                                   Central Flacq 4134721
RAGHUBUR Ashok Kumar 33b, Independence Street                                  Vacoas 686 4200
RAI Deepak Kumar C/O Mr. Dinesh, Near Forest Side Store,  Forest Sid Curepipe  
RAJABALLY Mahomed Reshad 102d, Belle Rose Avenue                                  Quatre Bornes 4657314
RAJAH Fatmah Bibi 45, Dr. Lesur Street,                                           Beau Bassin 4542105
RAJAN Ekanatha 50 Bis, Vishnukchetra Street                              Port Louis 212 1584
RAJARAI Veena Rye Dehvi 4, Lane Ii, Malartic Street                                    Rose Hill 454 7200
RAJARAI Jogendranath Arvinsing Avenue John Kennedy                                       Vacoas 696 2066
RAJCOOMAR Avinash Narendranath 63a, Avenue Poivre,                                          Quatre Bornes 4677167
RAJCOOMAR Dev Anand 71f,A. Brillant Branch Rd, Castel                        Phoenix 696 3373
RAJCOOMAR - SEETAL Geetanjalee Devi 47, Railway Road                                               Phoenix 6962591
RAJKOMAR Tapeswar 13, Surcouf Avenue                                           Quatre Bornes 424 2131
RAJKOMAR Indeebhaie 29, Saint Clement Street                                    Curepipe 6743563
RAJKOMAR Bhawan Amrit 2, Buswell Avenue                                             Quatre Bornes 454 4325
RAJKOMAR Ajeet Royal Road                                                        Saint Pierre 433 4148
RAJKOOMAR, O.B.E. Tekman 5, Avenue Des Rosiers                                      Quatre Bornes 4466838
RAM Sunil Kumar 27b, Georges Guibert Street                              Curepipe Road 686 2987
RAM Gianduth 29, Willoughby Street,                                        Curepipe 676 2939
RAMAN Ghalib Abdool 42, Avenue Des Sternes,                                   Quatre Bornes 4251908
RAMAVAT Anang Po Box 132,                                                        Curepipe 4224434
RAMBACCUS Roshnee Engrais Martial,                                                  Curepipe 6963828
RAMBARUN Soorya Prakash 4, Avenue Coriolis                                              Rose Hill 464 7697
RAMBHUJUN Dhun Kumari 16, Avenue Des Geais, Morc. Sodnac,               Curepipe 5261863
RAMCHARITUR Vishnuduth Manilall Doctor Rd, Morc. St. Andre                   Plaines Des Papayes 261 6124
RAMCHARITUR Reetlallsingh Manilall Doctor Rd, Morc. St Andre                    Plaines Des Papayes 261 6124
RAMCHURN Arvindsing 41, Bis Dr. Lesur Street,                                     Beau Bassin 4657930
RAMDASS Surendra Mahatma Gandhi Rd, Trois Boutiques                Triolet 2615155
RAMDAURSINGH Chandra Shekar Allee Brillant                                                        Castel 6977400
RAMDAWON Pretidev 197, Avenue Des Flamants, Morc. Safeland,        Flic - En - Flac 4538383
RAMDEEHUL Amal Raj C/O Miss A. Panchoo, 10, Ave. Baissac, Quatre Bornes 261 6525
RAMDEEN Nemraj Market Road Central Flacq 4132520
RAMDENEE Pitumbur Rye 8, Alfred Brown Avenue Quatre Bornes  
RAMDENEE Geerdhar Rye Middle Town Building, Level 1, Place Taxi, La Loui Quatre Bornes 4538056
RAMDENEE Deoshian Roy 40, Avenue Jules Koenig Vacoas 6962419
RAMDEWAR Jagdeo Morc. Senneville, Lees Street Curepipe 675 2530
RAMDHANY Sachin Koomar Telfair, MOKA  
RAMDHUN Nandkishoredass 9, Ambrose Street Rose Hill 4647127
RAMDIN Parvin Kumar 4, Barry Street Curepipe 6745492
RAMDIN Dhirendra Kumar 1, Rue Dupin Curepipe 676 6595
RAMDINNY Jagreetum 3c, Nicolson Road Vacoas 6866415
RAMDIN-ROMANN Indira P.O. Box 47 Curepipe 674 0354
RAMDOWAR Baboo Russlansing 10, Avenue Des Manguiers Quatre Bornes 454 5182
RAMDOYAL Seekumar 24, Frederick Bonnefin Street Forest Side 674 2437
RAMEN Sivalingum 7, Gaetan Raynal Street Beau Bassin 454 5531
RAMGOOLAM Premanand S.S.R. Street, Goodlands 2821827
RAMGOOLAM Mohit C/O Mr. B. Ramgoolam, Gros Billot New Grove 6277257
RAMGULAM Veeraj St. Anne Road, Boulet Rouge Central Flacq 4131371
RAMGULAM Shyam Royal Road Central Flacq 413 2855
RAMGULAM Arvind Morcellement Les Mascareignes, Trou Aux Biches. 5050109
RAMHITH Ruton Prakash Bosquet Rd, Solferino No.5 Vacoas 4641942
RAMJAN Mohummed Swaleit 29, Avenue Stanley, Quatre Bornes 4248624
RAMJANE Khalill Rassoolbye School Road, Morc Saint Andre 2613267
RAMJUTTUN Sunjaye Sewraj Street, 9eme Mille Triolet 2610926
RAMJUTTUN Dineshwur Harry Prasad Casse Ghoon Rd, Pte Aux Cannoniers Grand Baie 2637029
RAMJUTUN Anupa Roshni 7, Baissac Lane, Floreal 6861374
RAMJUTUN Uday Shanker 7, Baissac Lane Floreal 686 1374
RAMJUTUN Geeta 7, Baissac Lane, Floreal. 686 1374
RAMKHALAWON Pravin Kumar 1, Abbe De La Caille Beau Bassin 454 4405
RAMKOOSALSING Taroonsingh Royal Road, Saint Paul Phoenix 686 6015
RAMLACKHAN-MANRAJ Meera Devi Morc. Senneville,Angus Road Vacoas 696 3536
RAMLOCHUN Sanjivsing 13, Barry Street Curepipe 6702406
RAMLOLL Parmessur 3, Trait D'union, Vacoas 7285073
RAMLUGON Dookhbhunjunsingh Royal Road Goodlands 2820224
RAMNAUTH Shivanee Tagore Road, Riche Mare, Central Flacq 4131954
RAMPADARUTH Shyamleela 48, Club Road Vacoas 6965198
RAMPHUL Jayprakash St Paul Road, Opp. Sai Baba Centre, Vacoas 696 3230
RAMPHUL Chandraduth Camp La Boue, Montagne Longue 245 2410
RAMPUTTY Rewanund 111, Saint Paul Road Phoenix 686 1002
RAMPUTTY Prithviraj Royal Road Lallmatie 418 3644
RAMPUTTY Prithum Ave. Lotus, Plaine De Gersigny Central Flacq 413 2736
RAMPUTTY Poonam Medicare Centre, Royal Road Lallmatie 4183644
RAMRUTTUN Dananjai Victoria Street Long Mountain  
RAMSAHA Jugjiwan Ram Yesudas Ramsaha Lane, Roche Noire, Riviere Du Rempart 4115044
RAMSAHA Luchmeenarain 47, Ambrose Street Rose Hill 464 8219
RAMSEEBALUCK Bhimduth Canaries, Avenue L'indiscret, Albion Plage, Albion  
RAMSEWAK Sunita 20, Pouce Street Port Louis 2115496
RAMSUNDER Akash Valjee C42 Ebony Court, J. Nehru Road, Phoenix 6981387
RAMSURN Lohmus Royal Road Montagne Blanche 437 5212
RAMTEKE Jayesh Isadas Welinker Ministry Of Health And Quality Of Life Port Louis  
RAMTOHUL Soshila 3, Blackburn Street Rose Hill 4665720
RAMTOHUL Bhooshun 3, Blackburn Street Rose Hill 454 5075
RAMTOHUL - HEMOO Devi Tanooja 10, Avenue Telfair Quatre Bornes 4666346
RAMTOHUL-GOREEBA Kavita Hemma Avenue Des Eperviers, Morc. Sodnac, Quatre Bornes 4277369
RAMTOOLA Shenaz 22c, Shand Street, Beau Bassin 676 3100
RAMYEAD Ramdass Rajendra 39, Solferino Street Rose Hill 464 3596
RAMYEAD Karam Chandra Bonne Terre Vacoas 426 5645
RAMYEAD Chandra Prakash 56, Queen Street Rose Hill 464 8781
RASSOUL Ameen 16, Teeluck Lane, Castel Curepipe Road 6989488
RAUT Pallavi Sanjay Flat No. 3, La Peninsule, 16, Leclezio Street, Curepipe 4953638
RAUT Sanjay Namdeo Flat No. 4, La Peninsule, 16, Leclezio Street, Curepipe 6757512
RAVENEAU Jose Luis Llanes 13, Louis Rochecoute Street Forest Side 6751225
RAWOO Paramhans Royal Road Bon Accueil 418 4278
RAYMODE Waheeza Bibi 36, Clairfonds No. 3. Vacoas 6982968
RAZAFINIASILALAINA Clarisse Irma Paulette Victoria Hospital, Candos Quatre Bornes  
REEBYE Oomesh Solferino No. 2 Vacoas 4273075
REEBYE Nittin Kumar 203, Solferino Vacoas  
REEBYE Deshmukh 32f, Pope Hennessy Street, Curepipe. 4261707
REESAUL Ramprakash 41a, Avenue Des Glaieuls Quatre Bornes 4661414
REESAUL Lekhram Noripharm, Royal Road, Lallmatie 4189048
REGNARD Yves Pierre Marc Petit Brule, Grande Montagne Rodrigues 8767854
RITTOO Prithiviputh 28, Clairfonds Road N0.2. Vacoas 686 0805
RITTOO Leckwantee 28, Clairfonds Road Vacoas 6860805
RITTOO Dynesh 26, Clairfonds Road Vacoas 6964828
RITTOO Dylmitr 26, Clairfonds Road Vacoas 696 4828
RITTOO Dev Bhuruth 26, Clairfonds Road Vacoas 6964828
RIVALLAND Louis Roger Avenue Victor De La Faye Floreal 696 1096
RIVALLAND Lesley Janine 58, Morcellement Black Rock, Tamarin 4676963
ROJOA Imrane Ahmad Morcellement Henrisson, Royal Rd Vacoas 5702168
ROJOA Bibi Nazira Morc. Henrisson, Royal Road Vacoas 686 6610
ROJOA Abdool Wahid 3, Avenue Brown Sequard Vacoas 686 4401
ROJOA-MUNGLY Jameela Bibi 10b, Mellish Lane, Forest Side 5702168
ROOJEE - KHADAROO Bibi Sheereen Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Creve Coeur, Rodrigues 2482471
ROSTOM Bibi Sahida 23, Enniskillen Street Port Louis 212 1787
ROSUNEE Satyavrat Market Road Central Flacq 413 2712
ROY Partha Pratim S.S.R. National Hospital Pamplemousses 2011919
ROY Dipali Ministry Of Health And Quality Of Life Port Louis 2011919
RUGBURSING Toolseeram 5, Farquahar Street Rose Hill 4660465
RUGHOO Satish 47, Flats Lucas, Brown Sequard St Curepipe 676 5915
RUGHOO Madhvi Gaby Avenue, Palma Road, Quatre Bornes 4278780
RUGHOOBUR Deodas Morc.Chooroomoonee, Bassin Road Quatre Bornes 4256292
RUGHOONUNDON Bhaskarnath 1, Avenue Des Palmiers Quatre Bornes 454 5604
RUHOMALLY Hassam 27, Avenue Des Rosiers Quatre Bornes 454 3943
RUHOMUTALLY Mahammed Mashood 55, La Paix Street, Port Louis 242 0200
RUHOMUTALLY Abdool Raouf 55, La Paix Street Port Louis 242 5114
RUJEEDAWA Mohammed Fezul 19, St. Francois Xavier Street Port Louis 2429785
RUMJEET Bhagwansingh Palma Road, Quatre Bornes 6860739
RUNJANALLY Sayed Firoze Cassimally 12, Moreau Road Vacoas 686 2273


SAIB Mohammad Salim 51, Kingstone Avenue Quatre Bornes 4257630
SAMO NAKHO Vinesh 179, Palma Road, Quatre Bornes 4250527
SAMOO Dandathvanee Royal Road Camp Fouquereaux 6971884
SANTCHURN Manooraj La Marie Road, Glen Park Vacoas 686 3550
SATHYANARAYAN Balasubramanian C/O Mr. Bissoon Motee, La Mairee Street, Eau Coulee  
SAUBA Jaycarran 16, Jerningham Street, Belle Rose 413 2664
SAUMTALLY Mamode Raffick 25, Willoughby Street Curepipe 676 3371
SAUMTALLY Ahmed 6, Avenue Des Coriolis Rose Hill 4647105
SAVARIMUTHU Jayakumar Grannum Road, Vacoas 6966397
SEEBURRUN Rajdeo 46, Bois Cheri Road, Moka  
SEEGOBIN Ram Deoparsad Rugoo Lane Bambous 4520148
SEEGOLAM Atmaram St. Michel Street Riche Terre 248 8867
SEELARBOKUS Danayal St Paul Road Vacoas 6982188
SEENEEVASSEN Munisamy Rue Ramdhanee Plaines Des Papayes 266 6139
SEERAM Videshwary Branch Road, Bon Accueil 4181634
SEETAL Aboo Bakar 120, Sir Guy Forget Avenue Quatre Bornes 424 6795
SEETAPAH Appanah 84, Club Road Vacoas 696 5223
SEETOHUL Romuschand 344, Palma Road Quatre Bornes 424 3139
SEETOHUL Deelipraj 6, G. Blackburn Street Rose Hill 454 7222
SEEWOOBADUL Vasish Social Welfare Centre, Montagne Blanche 4373680
SEEWOOSUNGKUR Radha Krishna Morc. Rambhajansing, Farquhar St. Curepipe 675 5683
SEEWOOSUNKUR Shersingh Plaine De Roches Riv. Du Rempart 4129092
SEEWSAGUR Aroona Devi 16/18, Avenue Des Longaniers Quatre Bornes 4243602
SENEVRAYAR Chidambran Selvapazhany 106, Avenue Trianon Ii, Sodnac Quatre Bornes 454 6729
SERVANSINGH Baboo Teknarain 9, Hanoomantee Lane, Vacoas 6978827
SEWGOBIND Ajeet Kumar 38, De Rosnay Street Beau Bassin .
SEWRAZ Shradhanund Allee Cypres, Pierre Simonet Street Floreal 696 5225
SEWRAZ Nirmala Allee Cypres, Pierre Simonet Street Floreal 696 5225
SEWSURN Krishi Kumar Royal Road, Melrose, Montagne Blanche 4375657
SEWSURN Shashi Couvent Lane, Bonne Terre, Vacoas 4374542
SHAM Muhammad Ryad 32, Bis Velore Street Port Louis 2405203
SHAMLOLL Oomesh Royal Road Laventure 4184440
SHANMUGHAM Balaji C/O Chandrika K. Jugessur, Royal Rd, Union Park, Nouvelle France 6778727
SHARMA Hari Shankar Domah Building, 203 - Royal Road, Forest Side   Curepipe 9339883
SHARMA Sunil Duth Miflamo,                                                             Pereybere 2011919
SHARMA Pragya Flacq Hospital                                                     Flacq  
SHARMA Padam C/O Mr. Tajoo, Shivala Lane, Baramia,               Rose Belle  
SHARMA Navdeep Jeetoo Hospital, J. Pougnet Street,                    Port Louis  
SHARMA Jyoti Rani Ministry Of Health And Quality Of Life                 Port Louis 2011919
SHARMA Deepak Flacq Hospital                                                     Flacq  
SHEDGE Nataliya 18e, Belcourt Avenue,                                       Quatre Bornes 7228581
SHEIK HASSAN Valentina Kirillorna 12, Dookun Lane, Mare Gravier                         Beau Bassin 454 2994
SHEIK HASSAN Omar Aftakhar 12, Dookun Lane, Mare Gravier                         Beau Bassin 454 2994
SHIMJEE Suleiman Mahomed 10, Shan E Islam Mosque Street,                       Port Louis 2105926
SHUNMUGAM VELUSWAMY Anuradha 42, Volcy Pougnet Street,                                   Port Louis 2134286
SIBARTIE Sateeanand 20, Avenue Des Glaeuls                                    Quatre Bornes 454 1300
SIBARTIE Ajit 43a, Avenue Latanier,                                       Quatre Bornes 4546000
SIDDIQUI Shad Jeetoo Hospital, J. Pougnet Street,                    Port Louis  
SINGH Surendra Kumar 204, Tagore Street,                                           Morc Saint Andre 2619568
SINGH Niraj Dharmpal B24, Lane 3, Avenue D'epinay,                          Quatre Bornes 4644671
SINGH Bharat FLAMENTS ROAD,                                           PEREYBERE  
SINHA Shilpa C/O Dr. J.K. Mishra, 4, Mayer Street,                  Port Louis 7736194
SINHA Sanjeev Kumar Ministry Of Health And Quality Of Life                 Port Louis 2011919
SINHA Ranju Kumari Ministry Of Health And Quality Of Life                 Port Louis 2011919
SINHA Rabindra Parsad C/O Kamlakar Gujadhur, 63-B, Eugene Laurent Str  Port Louis 2080060
SIRAZ Vidhia Royal Road, Helvetia                                         Saint Pierre 4334339
SIVASUBRAMANIA Sheela 15d, Ave .Des Alouettes, Sodnac                       Quatre Bornes 4242840
SOHAWON Mohammud Fazal Abdul Latiff 105, Belle Rose Avenue                                    Quatre Bornes 464 5079
SOHUN Mitra Arcade Leblanc, Ave John Kennedy                   Vacoas 234 4149
SOK APPADU Soobaraj Nayroo (Jr) No. 18, St Paul Road                                          Vacoas 6864743
SOLIMAN Ghulam Mohammad 8c, Trotter Street                                                Beau Bassin 454 3086
SOLIMAN Ahmad Royal Road                                                        Central Flacq 413 2597
SONAH Shanti Ratanlall Sonah Lane, Mesnil                                            Phoenix 686 4989
SONAH Husmon Sonah Lane, Mesnil                                            Phoenix 686 4989
SONOO Jaswantraw Royal Road                                                        New Grove 6277701
SONOO Janaki Royal Road                                                        New Grove 6277701
SOOBADAR Bibi Faeza 23, Louis Pasteur Avenue                                  Rose Hill 464 4107
SOOBAGRAH Kapeel Deo Sing 23c, David Street                                                Rose Hill 464 4612
SOOBRATTY Mohammad Ali 8, Orleans Street                                                Port Louis 2082883
SOOBRATTY Mahamood 19, Route Moreau                                               Vacoas 696 5489
SOOBRATY Aboo Illum Leoville L'homme Lane, Ave Baissac                Quatre Bornes 4243333
SOOBRON Nirveda Avenue Marguerite Boundary Road,                  Quatre Bornes 4674668
SOOHUN Ibnne Towfick La Caverne,                                                        Vacoas 6981830
SOOKMANEE Sailush Royal Road, Creve Coeur                                  Long Mountain 2452171
SOOKMANEE Bipin Royal Road                                                        Creve Coeur 2452710
SOOKMANEE Dhurmah Devi Royal Road,                                                       Creve Coeur 412 8455
SOOKNUNDUN Mukhesh 81, Royal Road                                                  Tombeau Bay 247 2399
SOOKRAM Chandralall Route Vingta N0.2, Solferino                              Vacoas 6976700
SOOKUN Yousouf Sulliman 13, Corner Rev. Lebrun & Bvd Gowin                 Beau Bassin 4659409
SOOLTANGOS Kamini Janagee 12b, Venkatasamy Lane, Abbe Mazuy St           Beau Bassin 5661037
SOONDRON Rajagopal 76, Avenue Des Tulipes, Sodnac                       Quatre Bornes 424 1222
SOOPAL Yaarthi Devi Royal Road, Clavet,                                           Sebastepol 4372386
SOREEFAN Ahmud Meeah 1, Bassin Road, Highlands                                 Phoenix 696 0473
SOREEFAN Abdool Hack Meean S.S.R. Street, Mamode Ally Court,                     Port Louis 4649877
SOREFAN Oomar Mia Ayoob Impasse Pot De Terre                                       Curepipe 676 1205
SOREFAN Mohamed Moustoufa 7, Morcellement Boucan, Lane 3,                       Phoenix 6967335
SOREFAN Abdool Aniff 31, Auguste Esnouf Street                                 Curepipe 676 5067
SOYJAUDAH Ranjiv Avenue Kabir, Solferino                                      Vacoas 6869079
SREEKEESSOON Dharkanth Rao Branch Road                                                      New Grove 627 4888
SRIVASTAVA Anuj Kumar 7, Frederic Bonnefin Street, Forest Side,            Curepipe 7169579
SUBAGHRA Jayeprakash 18, Avenue Des Dodos, Sodnac,                       Quatre Bornes 4272738
SUBRAMANIAN Parameswari Ave                                                                    Quatre Bornes 4650574
SUBRAMANIAN Meyyappan School Road, Bon Acceuil,                                Brisee Verdiere  
SUBRUTY Haroon Rashid 2, Leoville L'homme Street                                 Rose Hill 454 7855
SUDDASON Chitrasen Botanical Garden St, Morc. Coombs                  Curepipe 6765161
SUFFEE Zareen 27, Ruchpaul Street, Plaine Verte,                      Port Louis 2422562
SUFFEE Moossa Bye Royal Road                                                        Goodlands 2839563
SUHOTOO Noormahmud Hassam 39, Labourdonnais Avenue Quatre Bornes 425 9848
SUJEEBUN Sanjiv Suffren Lane, Floreal 6965039
SULLIMAN Fayzal Tayoob 6, Abbe De La Caille Street Beau Bassin 4655726
SUMMAH Baswin Seel Kabir Panti, Bonne Terre, Vacoas 4257747
SUMODHEE Rishad Mohamed 53, La Paix Street Port Louis 2405712
SUMODHEE Annie Avenue Ylang Ylang, Quatre Bornes 4662908
SUNASSEE Renganaden 30, Sir Seewoosagar Ramgoolam St Port Louis 2403636
SUNASSEE Ramachandra Muggets Av,Morc. Raffray, Le Hochet Terre Rouge 248 8730
SUNASSY Sivasoopramanien Avenue Cardinal 2, Morc. Raffray, Guibies, Port Louis 212 5862
SUNGKUR Monesh Kumar Galea Road, Castel 7152120
SURAJBALI Sadhana Devi Prosper D'epiney Street, Residence Anais No. 14, Curepipe 675 7665
SURNAM Narayensingh 108, Avenue Sodnac Quatre Bornes 454 2220
SURNAM Babu Harish Royal Road, Beau Bois Saint Pierre 433 4444
SURNAM Amrith Latha Kumari Beau Bois Saint Pierre 4334444
SWAMY Balakrishnan Ministry Of Health And Quality Of Life Port Louis  


TADEBOIS Joseph Bernardin De St.Pierre Street Curepipe 675 5704
TAIKIE Paul Yuk Fen Sir Celicourt Antelme Avenue Quatre Bornes 454 4351
TAKOORDYAL Mewa 3, Morcellement Medine, Floreal 6975530
TAKUN Munsur Ahmud Royal Road Quartier Militaire 435 5140
TAMBAT Mangala Ramesh STREET, BELLE ROSE 4547723
TARSOO Mohamud Fazil Princess Anne Street, 7eme Mille Triolet 261 6603
TASHO Pema Uden 2, Thierry Street Rose Hill 464 2528
TECKKAM Paul Ng Soon Jenner Lane Quatre Bornes  
TEELOCK Mahendra Kumar 68, Avenue Des Talipots Quatre Bornes  
TEELOCK, G.O.S K. Boodhun 12, Labourdonnais Avenue Quatre Bornes 4247276
TENNANT Joseph Roger Maurice 5, Angus Road, Vacoas 696 4116
THACOOR Satish 12, S. Ramphul Street Curepipe Road 6761661
THACOOR Iteeswaree 12, Rue Ramphul Curepipe Road 676 1661
THAKUR Anil Kumar Ministry Of Health And Quality Of Life Port Louis 2011919
THANCANAMOOTOO Jayaram 46, Ave. Beau Sejour, Belle Rose Rose Hill 454 5428
THOMAS THOMAS Mary Road, Candos 4905714
THOMAS THOMAS   Road, Candos 4905714
TIMOL Osman Goolam Hossen 32, Labourdonnais Avenue Quatre Bornes 425 3993
TIMOL Maryam Bibi Mahmad 50, Route Du Jardin Curepipe 6765026
TING WING YUEN Tin Yi 22, Avenue Shah Floreal 6968593
TIRVASSEN Vijayantee Devi 32 Derby Road Forest Side  
TIRVASSEN Goinsamy 32, Derby Road Forest Side  
TITOVA-RAJCOOMAR Nataliya 63a, Avenue Poivre, Quatre Bornes 4677167
TO-CHOI WAN Pit Cheong Colonel Maingard Street Beau Bassin 454 0768
TOOFANNY Videsh Kumar Tagore Road, Fond Du Sac 2666064
TOOFANNY Rameshwar Rabindranath Tagore Road Fond Du Sac  
TOOFANNY Oomesh Kumar Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Creve Coeur, Rodrigues 2666064
TOTOO Digeshwar Hermitage/Beli Road, Camp Fouquereaux 6988778
TREEBHOOBUN Rajen Vivek Neehyeduth 70, Sir S. Ramgoolam Avenue Quatre Bornes 454 9973
TRILOK Yogeshwar Datah Route Royale, Desjardins, Riviere Du Rempart 4127383
TSANG Georges Kwong Hong 3, Labourdonnais Street Port Louis 212 0726
TULSIDAS Haresh 3, Rue Malherbe Curepipe 676 5400
TULWA Nirmal 9, Gaston Vellin Street Beau Bassin 464 2647


UL HASAN Uwais Riaz Ministry Of Health And Quality Of Life Port Louis 2011919
UMANEE Virjanand 11b, Loretto Convent St,P.O.Box 107 Eau Coulee  
UMARKHAN Sheriff 5a, Mc Irwin Street Beau Bassin 464 8012
UNUTH Mahesswaree Nina Ligne Berthaud Street Vacoas 686 4800
UPADHYAYA Rajiv 75, Moncellement Montrealii Coromandel 2337358
UTEEM Oomar Farook Cassam Rue B. Bikoo, Mare Gravier Beau Bassin 4655768
UTEENE Farad Route Bois Cheri Moka 4337872


VAMBEN Anju Avenue Soobiah, Reduit 4648827
VARGHESE Albert Reno 14, Independence Street, Port Louis 2572786
VASHISHT Babita Ministry Of Health And Quality Of Life Port Louis 2011919
VASOODAVEN Danasilen 5, Avenue Des Jacarandas Quatre Bornes 454 8156
VAULBERT DE CHANTILLY Jacques R.H.B.C.J.P. Dupuy Lane, Morcellement Gidc Floreal 696 6904
VAYID Sajedah Bibi Shangrila, 88a, St.Jean Road Quatre Bornes 454 9215
VEERAMOOTOO Vedanaygum Lagesse Lane, Forest Side 674 7434
VEERAPEN Valmiki Allee Brillant, Branch Road, Vacoas 6863167
VEERAPEN Seergeeva Marina 26, Loreto Convent Street Curepipe Road 676 2587
VEERARAGOO Pouranan Lal Bahadoor Shastri Road, Candos Quatre Bornes 2944044
VEERASAMY Himla Devi Royal Road, Le Hochet, Terre Rouge 2481152
VEERASAMY Devadsen Pillay 4a, Tristan D'avice Avenue Quatre Bornes 425 2664
VEERASSAMY Rajagopal Royal Road, Beau Bassin 4547828
VEERASSAMY Devarajen Royal Road Beau Bassin 4547828
VEERATTERAPILLAY Singaron L77, Maxime Remy St., Roches Brunes Rose Hill 464 2261
VEERATTERAPILLAY Aditi 77, Maxime Remy St,. Roche Brunes Rose Hill 464 9096
VENCATASAMY - APPADOO  Vina Shakuntala   Bois Cherie Road Saint Pierre 4339853
VENKATASAMY Daniel Dennis C. K. 13, Mohun Lane, Coromandel Beau Bassin  
VENKATASAWMY Lingasphara Lutchmana Esaie David Street Beau Bassin 454 2833
VERMA Asha Devi Royal Road, Long Mountain 2452572
VIAL Irshaad Ahamadally Hospital Road, Central Flacq 4132305
VILLEPIN Cadressen Rotin Lane No 1, La Source, Quatre Bornes 4275200
VINEY Frederic Guy Louis Percy Laval, Rose Hill 4674388
VOHRA Shivani Doctors' Quarters, S.S.R. National Hospital, Pamplemousses  


WONG KWEE YOUNG Wong Sing Neook 41, Magon Street, Port Louis 242 1701
WONG KWEE YOUNG Wong Ken Shen 41, Magon Street Port Louis 242 1701
WONG SIK HEE Kin Sen 55, Emmanuel Anquetil Street Port Louis 240 1756
WONG SUI CHONG Kim Chon Royal Road, Grand Baie 2638577
WONG TEN YEUN Ah Fat Labourdonnais Court, St, Georges St Port Louis 2111401
WONG YAN MAN Kim Fat 30, Shantilall Dhanjee Street Rose Hill 464 6210
WOODUN Raveendra Royal Road, Bonne Terre Vacoas 426 3738
WOODUN Jyothi Royal Road, Bonne Terre, Vacoas 4263738


YACOOB Arshad Ibrahim 22, Dr. Lucien De Chazal Street, Rose Hill 4667964
YAN KWAI Yave Hive Kong 180 (1) Royal Road, Belle Etoile Beau Bassin 2334218
YAP SAN MIN Yuk Chiang Royal Road Pte. Aux Cannoniers 263 8299
YEAROO Mamode Aniff Khan 24, Raoul Rivet Street Port Louis 212 3132
YEE KIN TET Hoy Youn Royal Road Black River 683 6666
YEUNG SIK YUEN Jean Yves 12, Pope Henessy Street, Curepipe 6762429
YEUNG WAI PING Yeung Yan Hoi 1, Avenue Pere Laval Ste Croix 240 7039
YIP TONG Charles Joseph Chan Kee Lin Yip Tong House, Route Royal, Cassis, Port Louis 2111414


ZOHRA Syeda Naseem 9, Paul Avenue Chateau, Vacoas  


Source: Medical Council (Mauritius) 2014

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